søndag den 6. oktober 2013

I want a new doll, too!

Today I got the I-must-buy-a-new-doll cravings. I actually went to Iplehouse's page and put SID Lahela Light Brown in my cart. I really want her! But I can buy her now. Well, technically I can buy her but I shouldn't do it. I still have five unfinished dolls, so I shouldn't bring home other dolls.

But Akatsuki is waiting for a Iplehouse doll and I want to, too!

Lahela is my Hawaiian beauty. She's surfer and was in a shark attack when she was younger. She lost her arm. I call her "Nani" but it's the short form of her name.
I haven't done much to her develop her character because then I would want to bring her home even more! Haha

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ow! >_< I get those cravings too. That's how I end up buying dolls all the time. :( I'm weak.
    But Lahela in light brown would just be gorgeous! And I can just see her in your doll family. It would look so great!
    And your idea for her sounds so good! I'm sure she would be absolutely stunning. :)

  2. I haven't had these cravings for a while, luckily! Not since Fairyland released tan anyway... But Iplehouse can make anybody crave a new doll, haha!
    I'm pretty excited to see her when you DO bring her home though - your dolls are absolutely wonderful. :)