onsdag den 23. oktober 2013

Jane Austen and the army of YoSDs

My friend is selling her SDs to have only YoSDs, and I wanted more YoSDs myself so she kinda talked me into it (actually she just talked about YoSDs until I broke down and said "I want one, too!") so I made a WTB on DoA for Volks Megohime, Anne, and Lorina. My preferred is actually Megohime but I also really want Anne. Lorina would be nice to bring home if the price is right.
I have already an offer on an Anne. She's the old release (2005) but a fullset and the price is only $300 where the new Anne sells at $600 with only a wig. I'll take her if I can.
My YoSDs are part of my Jane Austen Army (Volks) and with only one YoSD it is hardly an impressive army. So Anne will also be part of my Army. Who should she be?

My Volks Yo-Tenshi Yuh is Anne Elliot (Persuasion) because she has that reserved look about her, and Anne Elliot is my favourite Jane Austen girl.

These are my tentative plans:
Anne as Catherine Morland.
Megohime as Emma Woodhouse.
Probably a Lillie for Elinor Dashwood.
Maybe Jun Tachibana for Elisabeth Bennet?
Maybe a four sisters for Marianne Dashwood? Marianne Dashwood is difficult, but I think a Four Sisters, as the more quiet Marianne Dashwood as she is in the end of the book, might work. Megohime might work as Marianne as she is in the beginning of the book, but who should then be Emma?
Please, let me know if you have an idea for a doll for either of the characters.

I really, really don't like Fanny Price or the story of Mansfield Park. So she will not be included in my Jane Austen Army.

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  1. I have no clue about Jane Austen, so I'll leave that to someone else...
    But YAY that someone got you into buying more YoSDs! They're the absolutely best size, and we should all only bring YoSDs to meets (not just because I would then cease being the only freak with just tinies, but because they're awesome). ...your Sparrow can still come to the YoSD meets, though.

    1. Haha! Jane Austen is <3 You should see some of the film adaptions or read one of the books (when you are not busy with school).

      I really do love my YoSD! She's a very nice size and she's so cute. Some times I wonder if I should change all my big girls into YoSDs but not yet (at least).
      Aw! I'm sure Sparrow is happy to go to YoSD meets and be the only big girl in the room :D

  2. I haven't seen or read anything Jane Austen besides Pride & Prejudice, but it really sounds like a cute idea. :D
    And yay for more YoSDs! I have been neglecting my tinies for a while now, especially my girls. D: I just picked up Eli (my Beyla) yesterday and I realized how much I missed playing with her. <3

  3. Nooooooo! Then it's a good thing I have nearly all the books and 11 movie versions. I can make you love Jane Austen very fast :P
    I sometimes forget about your tinies. It's much easier to remember your SDs. But let's do a tiny meet-up (sounds so weird. Haha).

  4. I'm sorry I made you want to buy more YoSDs.....nooot!!
    It'll be so awesome when we have them all together!! Imagine the cuteness overload *_*
    I think the idea about the tiny-meet up is awesome! Count me soon as I have my own army home ;D

    1. Haha! You are so easily forgiven :P
      Yes, definitely! I can't wait to bring our tinies together :D