torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

This is just crazy...

So I mentioned my super power awhile back and I guess it strikes again... This is just crazy now.

I have a Volks SD16 Ruby and a Tan Elfdoll Ruru head. They both share the SD16 body from Ruby so I made a WTB on DoA for a Volks SD16 Body from the Ruby release (I did this ONE week ago). I knew it was a long shot because Ruby is soooo rare and is practically never up for sale on DoA. I actually felt like I would never get that body because it just wouldn't happen. It's one of those things like I will never be president of America and I will never get a SD16 Ruby body for my Elfdoll Ruru head. 
Then I was offered a Ruby doll (almost fullset - only eyes missing) for almost the same price as I was willing to pay for the body. How is this even possible for me to end up with two Volks SD16 Rubys?? Come on! That's just crazy... I'm gonna take her body and use it for the Elfdoll Ruru head and keep the extra Ruby head safe in a box. But honestly - TWO RUBYS!!! What the he**? I'm so much in shock and not quite sure what just happened. I'm only posting this here so only you will know this. I had to share it with someone but I don't want to share it with many people. How did this happen?
So anyone need to borrow my super power? 

And just to point out. I'm now waiting for:
Volks YoSD Anne
Volks SD16 Ruby
and news about the lottery for the YoSD Kanon (imagine if I won her also - my super power might just do that).
After this I will have NO money for new dolls for a long, long time. But I will be a happy little BJD-owner.

I won the lottery for YoSD Kanon! OMG! I am actually waiting for 3 dolls right now. CRAZY!! I'm broke but happy :D

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  1. I should've used your superpower when I was searching for a Juri 08 head! :P

    1. Yeah! I would have helped you get it :) do you need anything right now? Just let me know my super power is all warmed up and ready to fire.

  2. Congrats on Ruby and Kanon! :D I hope I can see your whole doll family, when they're home!

    1. Thanks! :) I'm still not quite believing I actually got a 2nd Ruby doll on the way. Can't wait to see the little YoSDs when they arrive. I think maybe Anne arrived since I just got a message from Post DK that I can pick up a package from Japan :D
      Definitely! Probably I will say: "My dolls miss you, come hang out with us :D"

  3. Wow, congrats on both Ruby and Kanon! Your superpower is just amazing! :D
    I can't wait to see your Kanon when you get her. My absolute YoSD crush! <3

    1. Thanks so much :D I'm really excited to see them both when they arrive :)