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A little story about Sienna (a character).

I've pretty much sold Lorina. I have the deal all made out and the buyer is ready. I just need to finish my exam and then we'll finish the deal. Since I'm getting a lot of money I'm thinking of getting a new doll (and she's not even half the price of what I'm getting for Lorina).

I have this character. Her name is Sienna. She's about 16-18 years old. The second youngest child of the King of Arvik. She has a younger brother, Umber.
The story starts with killings of the King and Queen by a Jafar-ish character (he/she has not been developed yet). Sienna, Umber and their aunt (the King's sister) are on the run. They get out of town (with some help). Both Sienna and Umber have magic and they use it to hide themselves. Sienna's magic is strongest and she is best hidden; You can see her but you want to look away. You don't actually remember that you have seen her. The magic is weaved into her clothes.
They dress as poor people but Umber gives his royal upbringing away. They are caught but believed "only" to be aristocrats. They are on their way to a prison/work camp when the party is attacked by rebels. All the prisoners are brought to their camp. The leader of the camp does not trust Sienna because of the magic. He can easily see that she's disguised. She decides to be honest with him.
Sienna, Umber and the aunt are allowed to stay in the camp for now and they are all presented with work clothes (pants, blouse etc.). When Sienna dress in the new clothes her magic is not hiding her anymore. Sienna is sent to work with Sparrow and Adella (my Elfdoll Ruru sisters) and quickly befriends them.

The story is not developed from there yet. I have a few ideas like the leader of the camp is brother to my Pirate Queen Marina (SD16 Ruby). I'm not sure if there should be romance between the leader of the camp and Sienna (my first version of the story had a romance between them).

I think I've decided on a doll for Sienna - a Iplehouse Bibiane on a YID body. The YID body to make her seem younger and not so tall. Later when she grows she can get a SID body. I'm not sure if I should go for NS or PG skin. NS for "royal pale" (as the beginning) or PG for "working in the sun" (at the camp). Probably I go for PG.

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  1. I really think your story is interesting. It doesn't sound like anything we've heard before. :)

    And yesss, Bibiane is gorgeous. I can't wait to see her!

    1. This story has been in the making for the last many years. I just keep abandoning it. After I got Sparrow and Adella as dolls then I find it easier to work with the story. But I really, really want to get Sienna as a doll. And I saw a picture of a Bibiane and that's when I thought "She could be perfect as Sienna."

  2. Cool story! What a tease!! I want to read more! >_<
    Bibiane is a very beautiful sculpt! I think she will fit in perfectly with the rest of your family. From what I've seen on google, she can have very different expressions depending on the faceup so she seems really awesome to work with. Can't wait to see how she will be in your hands :D

    1. Haha! Maybe one day you'll get to hear the complete story.
      Yes, I totally agree. She's can have so many expressions depending on the faceup. To start she'll have a lighter and "younger" faceup.