tirsdag den 10. december 2013

The plans, the ideas, the musings, and the contemplating... or how 2013 turned out for me (speaking of dolls)

(To begin I'd like to say that my "d"-button is jammed and I apologize for any d's left out. Any other letters left out is simply just my bad grammar.)

Because my dear friend Lise made her list of "What happened in 2013" I felt like making one also. 2013 turned out to be a very interesting doll year for me. Some dolls were sold, some bought and some changed character. Only one of my dolls stayed the same - little Yo-Tenshi Yuh as Anne Elliot.

Starting 2013 I had four Volks SD16 girls: Ruby, Garnet, Cristal, and Joanna. Both Cristal and Johanna were sold. Neither really fitted in here. I decided that Ruby and Garnet were ill fitted to be Adella and Sparrow. Looking through doll pictures I was able to convince myself that Elfdoll Ruru NS and Tan would be better. Adella and Sparrow are sisters so to get the same doll in a NS and Tan version would be great (also the fact that I knew they would both fit and match the SD16 body from Volks). It was actually surprisingly easy to find both heads (but that's my super power...)

2013 were also the year I decided to buy a boy doll again. This time I told myself that this was the last time I would have a boy doll (boy dolls just don't seem to fit in here). My last boy would be the Ringdoll Zombie Sol. I had loved him since he came out but I had told myself that he was a no-go (being a boy doll and all). Then one of my friends from Copenhagen sold hers. This was my opportunity! Now he's one of my favorite dolls in my collection! Maybe I like him so because I spend so much time blushing him and making him unique. He's just great :D

I 2013 I got a YoSD Alice also. This was my last try to own a White Skin doll. Alice was sold within 2 months. I don't like to own WS dolls, and I will NOT get a WS doll again. But the Alice/Lorina mold didn't leave me completely, and when I sold my Elfdoll Vivien I really wanted a SDGr Lorina head to replace Vivien. Again the wait to bring her home was short. 

I started to think that since my Yo-Tenshi Yuh was such a sweet and dear little girl, then maybe I should get more YOs. I've been wanting a YoSD Anne for a long time (only because we share the name) and when I figured out what character she could fit, I started to look for Anne. Going for one Yo you might as well go for two, right? When Volks had there lottery last month I entered it for a YoSD Kanon. (I'm very proud of myself for not also entering for the SD16 girl or the SDGr girls). I won Kanon and I just got a shipping confirmation now. If I'm lucky she'll be here before Christmas. Volks always declares full value so the stop at customs are usually only for 1 day.  

Currently I have:
Volks SD16 Ruby - Marina The Pirate Queen 
Volks SD16 Garnet - Garnet
Volks SDGr Lorina (head only) - Lydia (might sell her to get Iplehouse ladies)
Elfdoll Ruru NS (Volks SD16 hybrid) - Adella Darling Featherstone
Elfdoll Ruru Tan (waiting for her Volks SD16 boy) - Sparrow Ella Featherstone
Ringdoll Zombie Sol - Hamlet Jones
Volks Yo-Tenshi Yuh - Anne Elliot (Annie)
Volks YoSD Anne - Catherine Morland (Kitty Kat)
and waiting for Volks YoSD Kanon - (I can't remember which character I wanted her for. Maybe she'll be Catherine Morland instead of YoSD Anne, and then YoSD Anne can be Emma or Lizzie).

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  1. Wow it's quite the collection you have build up over this year. :O
    I'm really looking forward to see all of your YoSDs soon! We ought to introduce our tinies when mine arrives ;D

    1. Yeah, totally :D I must admit I'm more happy about my collection now than I was a year ago.