torsdag den 30. januar 2014


After I sold my Volks Lorina I had a lot of money (and I'm no Scrooge McDuck when it comes to money) so I've order quite a lot of resin; 3 heads and 1 doll.

I ordered a Iplehouse nYID Bibiane PG (I mentioned her before). Then Elfdoll did that discontinuation of all their dolls and I had to grab a few heads in NS; Vivien and Hazy. And yesterday I lost an auction on eBay for a Volks Irvin (a SD13 boy in the ebony skin like Ruby and he could have been great as her brother but someone had to outbid me with 2 seconds left and I had to little time left to bid again myself) so I went on DoA today to look at what's for sale there and I ended up with a Iplehouse Doria Vampire head NS. Not sure what I'll do with the head but I really love the Doria Vampire head so she'll probably go play with my Zombie.

The good thing about the Elfdoll heads and the Doria heads is that I can easily sell them later on if I want. The Elfdoll heads were averagely $55 each, Doria was more but not expensive (I would not pay a lot for a head I could get in the CDS if I wanted).

I really want one more boy doll. I'm just not sure which doll. I really like Ringdoll's dolls but there's not a doll from them I really, really want. Maybe the Carlos doll but I would have loved him in tan but he's only in NS now.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Aww, so many dolls!
    Interesting you're getting a Vivien again. What are your plans for her this time? Lydia again?
    Hazy is one of the Elfdoll girls, I regret never buying. ;o; I can't wait to see your girl.
    ASDFGHJ I love the Doria Vampire head. She'll be perfect together with your zombie!

    Congrats on them all! :)

    1. Actually I have no plans for the Elfdoll heads - just wanted them because I was afraid that in the future I might not be able to get then if I wanted.