lørdag den 22. marts 2014

One, two, three, four, I should buy no more...

I have ONE doll from Ringdoll. I have TWO dolls from Iplehouse. I have THREE dolls from Volks. I have FOUR dolls from Elfdoll.

Yes, the 2nd Iplehouse is at customs but she should be here any day. And my 4th Volks is not completely sold, but my friend has made plans to buy her. I have ordered a doll from Twigling but I've not yet gotten any confirmation. So in my mind it counts.

I'm really considering keeping the Iplehouse F. Doria head. One of my good friends took some photos of her, and she's gorgeous! Now I want to keep her and see what I can do.

And need I say how cool I think it is that Iplehouse is doing a Pirate-inspired theme now. The Carved Heritage. I have high hopes and big dreams! I believe I can get the outfits I need for my story (based around my Iplehouse Bibiane).

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