fredag den 1. august 2014

The dilemma of the two Rubys

My last update was in March. Figured it was about time to write something here again.

I have two Volks SD16 Rubys because I wanted a tan SD16 body for my Elfdoll Ruru head. It's actually more like I have one body and two Ruby heads. Over the past months I've started to like the new Ruby head (known simply as Ruby the 2nd) more than my old Ruby head (Marina). I think Ruby the 2nd's faceup is a bit more fierce and strong than Marina's. Marina is like the sweet girl next door and Ruby the 2nd is more like the girl who will kick your ass in a fight.
I am considering renaming Ruby the 2nd to Marina, and rename Marina to Ruby the 1st.

Ruby the 2nd:

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great having you back! :D
    I'm look forward to hear what you end up deciding about your Ruby girls ^^

    1. Thanks! :) Good to be back.
      Me too. I'm excited to see what will happen to the Rubys.

  2. Welcome back! I also just returned to blogging after 4 months. xD

    Ruby the 2nd does look more fierce and kick-ass than Marina does. Such a tough decision. D:

    1. Thanks. Then you are just as bad as me! Haha :D

      She totally does, and a pirate queen needs to be fierce and kick-ass. I think Ruby the 2nd will be upgraded to Marina.