mandag den 22. september 2014

Stories and stories 'bout pirates, princesses, and fantasy clothing... well, not really.

I'm thinking of doing my story about Sienna as a photo story like how Iplehouse do these stories about their limited dolls. I think it could be a fun way to tell the story. What do you think? It is worth the effort?

I've finally decided to sell my Volks SD16 Garnet. She's going to lille_aki (most of you know her) and she was sold on the condition that if lille_aki sells her again then I get to decide if I want her back or not.

Just a short update but an update nonetheless.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Yes, yes you should definitely do photo stories! :D I would love to see and read them! :)

    1. Yay! Then I'll start to plan how I'll go about it :D

  2. I'm totally with Lise here. That would be so awesome!! :D
    I'd love to see how you show your characters ^___^