onsdag den 24. september 2014

The Zombie said...

Yesterday I had a discussion with Zombie. He let me know that though he liked being the only boy in the group of dolls he also felt alone in being creepy. So he told me to find him a friend. And not just any friend but a Ringdoll friend! I told him that I did not have money to buy him a new friend and that Ringdoll dolls weren't cheap. Also I didn't know what doll could be a good friend for him.

I ended up promising Zombie to look at creepy dolls. Dammit!
Do you know any good creepy dolls? Even if it's not Ringdoll.

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  1. Well, Dollmore has some creepy (but interesting) dolls in their Glamor Model Doll and Dollpire Doll categories.

    Ringdoll has Calos - the one with the sown eye (with the propper faceup he could look awesomely creepy)

    Imortality of Soul has Chaos (70cm) and Infernale (80cm)

    Don't know if they match anything you are looking for. ^^
    But what a great idea to get a friend for Zombie *__* he must be so excited. XD

    1. Thanks for your input :D

      I looked at Dollmore. They do have some great spooky dolls.
      Ringdoll Calos I've looked at before. I really like him.
      I'll have to look at IOS to see what kind of dolls they have.

      It's gonna take some time but I hope to bring home an other spooky doll. But many just a "normal" doll with a new style :D