tirsdag den 11. november 2014

Selling a few dolls

I've decided to sell a few dolls:
  • Elfdoll Ruru on a Volks SD16 body (NS)
  • Volks SDGr Tae fullset (NS)
Though I feel like I need to sell at least one more. I'm just not sure who.

These are the ones I'm keeping for now:
  • Elfdoll Ruru on Volks SD16 body (Tan)
  • Iplehouse Asa on Twigling body (light brown/tan)
  • Iplehouse nYID Bibiane (peach gold)
  • Ringdoll Zombie Sol (grey)
  • Volks SD16 Ruby (Ebony)
  • Volks YoTenshi Yuh (NS)
  • Twigling Ylisande on Iplehouse nYID body (tan/light brown)
And tomorrow I can pick up my Twigling Ingenieuse (tan) at the post office.

I've decided to update some of the characters for my dolls, so I'll update my blog later with the ideas.


4 kommentarer:

  1. Yay! You'll get your Ingenieuse soon *__*
    I look forward to see pictures of her :D

    I thought you only planned on selling one of your dolls (NS Ruby) XD
    How come you decided to sell Tae and possibly another as well? Can't live without the new RingDoll boy? ;P

    1. I have her now! Weeeeee :D

      Yes, well. Plans change! I realized the outfits and extras I wanted would cost money too. And Tae just never fitted into the character. She kept not wanting to be "Dalan" as I saw her in my head. And then I figured: why keep her when the character is not working properly?
      So she's going too.

    2. Wee!! Congratulations!! I'm happy for you :D

      Yeah, that is indeed true. The it is better to focus on the ones that fits in and fills you with joy ;)

    3. Thank you :D I'm very happy to have her home now!

      Yes, I agree! Better to focus on the dolls I really want.
      Tjassi actually is buying the body from SDGr Tae, so part of her is staying in Denmark :P