fredag den 21. november 2014

Small update

An update on my suff for sale:
I was able to sell two dolls and two outfits to one of my very good friends, a body and little clothes to another very good friend, a head to USA, two Volks outfits to England, and small items to Germany. I now feel more at peace with my dolls and items (I felt like I had to much and it stressed me).

Yesterday I went to the post office to ship the SDGr Tae head to USA. She's going to Hawaii. I'm so jealous! I wish I could just ship myself to Hawaii too and have a Holiday there!

Today I'm going to the post office to pick up my Iplehouse order. Can't wait to see the red dress and try it on Sienna. I've ordered some shoes for my Twigling Ylisande nYID hybrid too. I'm very excited to see them too. 

4 kommentarer:

  1. I'm so happy to hear that you could sell so much of your stuff. ^^
    And also that you are happy you sold it. It's so important to keep the interest going :)

    Uhh!!! I'm really excited to see the Iplehouse dress on your doll :D It look so beautiful on the promo pics ^^

    1. I was able to four more outfits yesterday. I've sold most of the items I had for sale :D

      I'll get a picture taken of Bibiane in her fancy new dress to show you. If you had SnapChat you would already have the picture :P

    2. Are you asking me to get SnapChat? XD
      I saw the pics and the dress is so stunning. Nice catch I say ;D

    3. Yes, of course! :P I often use SnapChat to send pictures to my doll friends :)