onsdag den 7. januar 2015

Ideas and rambelings about a boy called Lucius

As you might know I've been meaning to get more boy dolls. First up we have a Soom Dia boy. I'll call him Lucius.
I've read some Harry Potter fanfiction about Lucius Malfoy lately. I know he's a prick in the books but that's the fun about fanfiction, you get to fit the characters or settings to your personal taste. The way I see Lucius is: After the Voldemort War II he realized the ideology he fought for all his life is wrong. Not only are the 3 most powerful wizards at the final battle (Voldemort, Harry, and Severus) half-bloods but the guy he saw as his saviour turned out to be just a psychopath threatening not only Lucius but his family too. Realizing his view on the world is completely fuck up, I think he might try to change.

So my Lucius is based on Lucius Malfoy as I see him after the war. A man who wants to change and who wants to prove to himself that he's not a psychopath too.

I'm getting a Soom Dia boy for Lucius. It's not very original but I've always liked Dia.
I'm planning to give him many tattoos in the style of tarot cards. The tarot cards have some pretty concepts that work perfectly for Lucius:
The Moon: for things unknown like his future.
The Tree Sword: for the physical and emotional pain he felt under Voldermort.
The Hanged Man: for having let go of things/views to change situations or for trying to look at things from a new perspective. How he felt right after the war.
The Temperance: for moderation and patience in his new way of life.
The Death: for the big changes in his life since the fall of Snake-Face.
The Ace of Cups and the Ace of Swords: for power and victory in his new life.

I haven't made a decision about clothes yet. I think he'll have an amazing suit in the style of Lucius in the films just for fun. His normal style will probably be black but more 'normal' (if that makes sense?).

I have some ideas for his wig(s) but it's not really thought through yet..

Honestly his tattoos are the most thought out part of his character.

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  1. That's an interesting idea :D And Dia is such a great sculpt.
    I can't wait to see the tattoos. *o*

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about Lucius too. I've always wanted a Soom Dia but I thought I wanted the head as a girl but I'm really starting to see the head work well as a boy. Luckily there are some pretty cheap Soom Dias for sell once in a while on DoA, so I hope to bring him home soon.