tirsdag den 3. februar 2015

Bye bye money! Hello Dollie :D

I spent a lot of money! I had to go into my savings to get the money... But I don't regret it.
I ordered two new dolls. Because I wanted them.

I talked to Fifth Motif and they told me their doll Venitu is limited. I had to buy him! I knew I wanted him in tan for my Voodoo king. So I bought him in the Honey Caramel Brown colour. It seems similar to Dollshe Pale Tan but unlike Pale Tan the HCB is sandable so his seems will look much better! He was so expensive! But I do not regret it.

Also I've ordered Ringdoll Norman Dark Side 2.0 in NS. One of my best friends from the hobby had already ordered him so I really had no need but I want to see their Grown ver. 4 body. And I want to see if it's hybridable with my Soom Dia. I wish to change the body of Dia and I really love Ringdoll bodies. Norman Dark Side is limited to 30 so I figured I could sell either his head or the whole doll if it's not a good match.
Or I could save him for later. Because I still have work to do on Dia and Venitu before I would do anything to Norman. Also I'm planning to get Jack the Ripper if he's the one to be released in Ringdoll's event.

On another note, I have finally decided to sell Twigling Ingenieuse. She's pretty but I was never satisfied with her. I'm hoping my lovely friend will buy her *wink wink Akatsuki*
I'm not selling her because I've so much money on guy dolls but simply because she's still blank and I have no idea about what to do with her. She's a very pretty doll and I really wish she fitted in but alas.

I've been thinking about placing my Asa hybrid for sale on DoA for one month. Simply to give someone the chance to claim the Twigling body with the pretty tattoos before I remove them. I feel so bad about cleaning the body when the tattoos are ooak. If no one claims her within the month I will clean her and make her 'mine'. I think that is a good idea and I wouldn't feel bad about removing the tattoos then.

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  1. So exciting with the new guys! I'm surprised you're starting to own so many boys, but in a way, it's very interesting. :D
    I really hope I can find the funds to your Ingenieuse. TwT I really want her.

    I think it's an excellent idea to try and sell your Asa first before removing the tattoos. :)

    1. I'm surprised myself too. I think it's because I have many plans in my head for boy dolls but I have not had a chance to try them in real life. Now I want to try them out.
      I want to see if I can have boy dolls again. I'm hoping that since Zombie has stayed here for so long it means I am now ready for boy dolls.

      Thanks, me too. If no one claims her then it must mean no one wants to save the tattoos and I can do what I want with them.

  2. Yay! So many awesome new dolls for you :D
    I'm super looking forward to seeing all of your new dollies. Especially your Norman and how the body 4 looks *__*
    And goody good that you plan to get a Jack The Ripper. He is one of my favorite Ringdoll boys, so I really hope you go through with it so I can steal*cough* play with him ^____________________________________^
    Good idea to try and sell your Asa and see how it goes. As I commented on your previous post, please don't feel like you need to protect her ooak tattoos if it means you wont enjoy your doll. <3

    1. Yay for Dolls. UnYay for loss of money!
      I'm very excited about the Ringdoll body too! I might be more interested in how that turns out that the Fifth Motif. But that's because I was not planning the Fifth Motif boy yet. I only discovered the company a few days ago but they I discovered the dolls were limited. They are too big for Mr Cho to ship from his residence in Korea so he decided to sell only 200 more of the boys. Last I looked I found a message that the count was on 78 left but that was almost a month ago. I simply didn't want the boys to be out of stock before I could get one.
      Uhh, yes! Jack the Ripper is so amazing! I saw that Ringdoll have two polls - one on Facebook and one on a local Chinese site. From the Chinese site it seems like Frankie might end up the most popular doll. But let's see :D
      I actually found a girl in America to take Asa. The tattoos would be perfect with her Angelsdoll Iseuel (spelling?) cat head. So I'm hoping she will love the body a lot. She liked the Asa head so much that she wanted to take it too.

  3. So much happening ee :D I'm excited to see what you'll do with the Motif boy, voodoo king sounds AWESOME. What's the plan with the Ringdoll boy besides maybe bodyswitching? It's gonna be cool to see them together with your current doll-crew o u o

    1. I hadn't seen this comment! Sorry!

      I must admit I'm super excited to see Venitu. He's going to get a skull face of some kind and be really Voodoo cool, I hope :D
      I don't really have plans with the Ringdoll boy yet. It all depends on my friend. If she makes her a really cool character I don't want to do anything to my own for a while because we don't want two of the same doll in our combined doll family. But otherwise I would make him like the Joker from Batman - that face!!