søndag den 1. februar 2015

Iplehouse Bibiane and Asa

After careful consideration I've placed my Iplehouse Bibiane for sale on DoA. She's pretty but lately I've been thinking about getting a Doria or Aurora head for Sienna instead. So I figured I might as well sell her instead of having her packed in her box under my bed. Maybe also get her in real skin.

My Iplehouse Asa hybrid is one of those dolls I've never been sure about. She's pretty but I really don't know what to do with her. Should I sell her or should I keep her? I can't decide.
I've been thinking about removing her body tattoos. The sealant looks used and almost dusty in places. But truthfully I feel bad about removing it because it's so pretty and ooak.
Maybe she just needs a new faceup? I really can't make up my mind.


4 kommentarer:

  1. I guess the body tatoos can both be really inspiring, but also a bit 'limiting'.
    Maybe you should try? Like making her back into a blank canvas you can build on from scratch. She could be a fearsome dragonlady/yakuza lady ;D
    But yeah, the ooak tattoos are awesome...but maybe not Anne enough? I hope you won't feel like you need to 'protect' the tattos just because they are ooak if they are not what you want to use for her. ^^

    1. I think Yakuza style could be really cool :D She's the shortest of my SD dolls so it could be very funny if she was the most fearsome of them.
      I think you are right. The tattoos are so cool but I don't think they are Anne enough.
      I do feel like I need to protect the tattoos simply because they are ooak. I'm not sure if I am 'allowed' to remove them, you know?

    2. Haha that would be really cool. XD
      Yeah, that was what I thought. They are very pretty, but maybe very Anne if you ask me ;P
      And I don't think you need to 'protect' the tattoos. It's awesome that they are ooak, but really, if you don't see any use of them don't feel bad about removing them. Its your doll, you can do what you want. ^^
      Otherwise you could try and sell the body maybe? And then buy a non-ooak-tattood one? XD Idk if that is even possible, but if you really feel bad about removing the tattoos, then maybe that could be a solution?

    3. You are correct! The tattoos are very pretty but not my style. Maybe that was why I changed Ylisande so fast to an Iplehouse body.
      Haha, it's pretty funny you suggest that as I had the same idea. Trying to sell the body and then get the doll again on a not-so-limited body :)