mandag den 11. maj 2015

A tiny little story about a small group of friends...

There once was a boy, who just happened to be a Zombie. He was a somewhat happy boy, but would have appreciated not being a zombie in the first place, as it scared people away. He could not do magic, but he had a heart of gold, though he believed it was just a gilded 'normal' heart.

Zombie once met a girl, who was not scared of his looks. She was a very pretty girl, thought Zombie, and they started talking. After a short while he noticed something strange about the girl; she had a scorpion tail! She tried to hide it for she was ashamed of it. People usually saw it, and called her a freak. But Zombie looked at her, and told her that she was beautiful with her amazing tail. From that moment they became the best of friends.

They both wished they were normal. But how can you be normal when you are the Scorpion-Girl and the Zombie-boy?
By magic of course! Zombie took Scorpio's hand and together they left to find a magician; they knew one excised for they had seen him before. So they set out to find the Voodoo-King; the master of magic!

The Voodoo King lived near and they went to meet him. He was very kind but never had any clients, so he had had to sell his shop. People were scared of him and his magic; they feared him for he had the power to turn them into frogs! It was the only spell he could do without any ingredients.
The Voodoo king wished he could help them, but he no longer had all the ingredients he would need for the magic. Scorpio and Zombie said, if Voodoo-King would help them, then they would help Voodoo-King in return with his shop. They all agreed to go and find the ingredients, so now Scorpion-Girl and Zombie-Boy were joined by Voodoo-King, and they all set out to find the missing ingredients.

On their way they saw a crying girl with living snakes in her hair. Scorpio went to her, and asked why she was sad. The Snake-Lady said that people feared her, for any who looked into her eyes would turn into stone. Voodoo said, he could help her but needed just one ingredient, and asked if she would join them on their journey. She was afraid of turning them into stone, but Scorpio took a scarf and tied it around the girl's eyes, so the problem was slowed until they could fix her eyes. And so Snake-Lady joined their little party.

As Snake-Lady could not walk by herself, because she could not see anything, the others offered to guide her. Most often it would be Zombie, who guided her, for he was slowly falling in love with the girl, who's face he had never seen, but who's mind was spectacular. As Zombie was helping Snake Lady, Voodoo and Scorpio found themselves stealing glances at each other.

The little group journeyed on and maybe they happened to find happiness, acceptance, and love along the way, but who knows...?

As you might have guessed this is a small story around some of my dolls:
Zombie-Boy is Ringdoll Zombie Sol
Scorpion-Girl is Elfdoll Vivien / Soom Vesuvia hybrid (out for a faceup)
Voodoo-King is Fifth Motif Venitu (out for a faceup)
Snake-Lady is Simply Divine Medusa Valentina (waiting for the head but also needs a body)

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  1. I didn't know you had a Soom Vesuvia body? :O
    But oh my is this an awesome story! As always you write such great stuff *___*
    I can just see it as a movie in my head. :D
    Can't wait to see this crew. Sooooo cool!!

    1. I traded Lucius for a Soom Vesuvia in bronze but I sold her head. And the Elfdoll Vivien head I sold to Jeanet I bought back to make a hybrid :)

      Haha, thanks :)

      I'm pretty excited too! I still have to find a body for Snake-Lady. I'm so excited to see her irl :D

    2. Cool! I've always found Soom Vesuvia to have a super interesting body *__* looking forward to seeing that tail ;D
      Haha clever XD

      Yeah! She will be so interesting to see. I saw that Xhianthi from Jointed Love ( did a faceup on one. She is a gorgeous sculpt. I didn't see how gorgeous she was from the pics of her in black resin, but I think she is a sexy lady ;D

    3. Me too! The tail part and the high heeled shoes/feet are my favourite about the body.
      I'm very excited to get the head back from the faceup artist because not only will she get a very awesome faceup but she will also be blushed to match the body.

      Yes, it's true. It's a bit difficult to see the face in the link I sent you, but the snakes very cool :P
      I really like the Valentina head, and I'm super excited to see her in the Cinnamon colour (almost like Voodoo's colour).

    4. Yeah! Dat tail *__*
      I'm looking forward to seeing her as well :D

      Hehe snakes are always cool ^^
      Will be interesting to see the colors and how they match

    5. Haha, me too! I hope she soon gets a faceup. The artist only just received the heads so it might take a while :)

      I have decided to get her a Dollstown 18 years girl body but it's very difficult to find pictures of it. It seems to be able to match her both in size and resin.

  2. What a great story! :D I wanna hear more!
    Can't wait to see the Voodoo king :3 I've been really excited about him!

    1. Once I have the dolls I might feel creative enough to write more :)
      I'm so excited to see him too! I can't wait. I sent his head out for a faceup in the middle of may and he only arrived a few days ago, so it might take some time before I get him back.