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Interview and story-time with Nathaniel [Iplehouse Rex real skin]

Nathaniel was not tagged for an interview, but I felt like doing his because he has a developed character, so here we go! :D

As his story is based on historic battles and facts mixed with a lot of fiction, it's bit difficult to tell in just a few answers, so I'm sorry if it does not make complete sense (please, just ask and I will clarify).

1) What is your name:’

Sir Nathaniel Henry Milton

2) What is your nationality/ethnicity?

I was born in Llanrumney, Cardiff, South Wales, Kingdom of England, which makes me English.

3) When were you born/how old are you?

1622 so I'm about 35 years old now.

4) What is your race (human/angel/demon/etc)?

I am a human.

5) Are you single or taken? Who is your lover/crush?

My heart was stolen by a Captain Morgan O'Malley; the most amazing woman I have ever met.

6) Are you straight/bi/trans/etc?


7) Favourite hobby?

Practicing fencing, I think, as standing at the helm of my ship does not really count as a hobby.

8) Favourite food& drink?

Possibly rum. I have found a great appreciation for Captain Morgan Rum.

9) Do you have a job?

Yes, I am a Captain in the Royal Navy.

10) What is your favourite animal?

Animal? I suppose I like a good beef stew, so probably bovines?

11) What is your bad habit?

I might be a bit full of myself and I do enjoy being praised just a bit too much.

12) What is your favourite hangout?

I used to enjoy hanging out on the deck of my ship but that was before my men were murdered and my ship was lost.

13) Do you have a favourite holiday?

I can't remember the last time I was able to celebrate a holiday.

14) Dolls (from other families) you'd like to meet?

I believe I would actually get along very well with little Ayla and little Alice. They seem like nice little kids, who will not judge me based on rumors but on how I treat them.

15) Would you briefly tell us your background?

I was born the year of grace 1622 as the eldest son of John Milton, a farmer living in the vicinity of Cardiff, Wales. I had no interest in becoming a farmer, so I joined the English Navy just as the English Civil War broke out (an: 1642-51).

I was able to make Captain very quickly, and I was given command over my own ship and served in the Dutch War (an: The First Dutch War, 1652-54).

We went on to fight in the Anglo-Spanish War (an: 1654–60). Our objective was, given by Oliver Cromwell (an: the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland), to invade Spanish territory in the West Indies and to capture Hispaniola.
At first our mission seemed to be blessed to succeed but the Spanish Navy had Bernardino Meneses y Bracamonte, and he was an excellent military leader, though I loath to admit it.

The English Navy had hired privateers to help fight the Spanish in the Caribbean, but not all the privateers actually worked for England. One of the privateers was a traitor, and was hired by Bernardino Meneses to destroy as many English ships as he could. Unfortunately for my crew, we were lured into an ambush. I was the only survivor. Why was I not killed too? Because Bernardino Meneses considered me and my ship the best in the English Navy and we had sunk his cousin's ship, so I was to be destroyed mentally first. I was made to watch my men being slaughtered around me, while I was unable to help them. I still sometimes have nightmares about it; the blood, the destruction, the killings...

I was beaten half to death, dumped on a deserted island, and left to die. I do not know if they sunk my ship or if they simply stole it.

What the privateer had not considered was the fact that the island was used by a pirate crew to hide their loot. I was discovered just a few days later when the pirate crew came to the island. Why they decided to save me, I do not know, and I was not lucid through most of it. When I finally came through I was at a monastery in Jamaica. I spend a while at the monastery finding my peace with God, for I could not understand why my men had to die.

The monks told me, I was brought to them by the Lady Pirate. I could not remember much, but a face seemed clear in my mind; the face of a beautiful young woman. From the moment I woke, I had one mission: to find the woman again! I do not know what drove me so to her, but I could do nothing but think of her.

After I left the monastery, I went to look for the Lady Pirate. I made my way to Port Royal. Along the way I heard rumours of the Lady Pirate; she was a young woman privateer (an: she's a corsair) under the French crown. She sailed from Tortuga, and if I wanted to see her again, I would have to go there. As Tortuga was under French administration at the time, I could not show up as a English Navy captain, so I changed my outfit to look like a pirate. From Port Royal I was able to join a crew sailing for Hispaniola and from there I made my way to Tortuga.

Eventually I was able to meet the Lady Pirate; Captain Morgan O'Malley, but that is a story for an other time.


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  1. Yay, it was great to read about Nathaniel :3 He's such a handsome and interesting man! I love how much work you've put into his and Morgan's story!

    1. I love discovering Nathaniel's story. It's like my plans and ideas for him just fits so well with the historic facts. I did end up having him born in 1622 instead of 1627 because it would make more sense as having "now" be 1657.

  2. Whooooo! AWESOME story!! *____*
    I can just imagine how his story went in pictures (with a VERY handsome protagonist!) :D
    Love, love, love it! Make more!!!!!! XD

    1. Hihi, thanks :D
      I hope to do a photo story of his life (kinda like Iplehouse do) one day. Just needs a few more items and a better background :D

    2. Oh, that would be so cool! *__*
      I'm sure you'll do a great job, and his story is just so awesome :D
      Also, I'm still very hooked on the idea of him being the teacher for all our Dlights X'DDD

    3. There's still a lot to his story than what I wrote here. He has to meet Morgan, and together they make France and England join forces against Spain in 1657 (merging the Anglo-Spanish War with the Franco-Spanish War). But the story has to wait until another time :)
      Haha, yes! Totally! We have to do a shoot of that :D Professor Pirate and the Strange Schoolgirls.

    4. Cool! I'll be looking forward to reading more of him (and the lovely - yet deadly - Morgan <3)

      Haha yes! I think it could be so hilarious XD