søndag den 3. maj 2015

Interview with Elsa Maria

It took a while to write and post this, sorry! School is busy, and Elsa Maria is not a developed character.
I'll not tag anyone else to do these interviews now.
I've realized, while writing this, that most of my dolls are from United Kingdom! Haha

1) What is your name:’
Elsa Maria. Actually my full name is Elsa Maria Antoinette Marguerite Victoria Jones but please just call me Elsa Maria! Mom (and my owner) just had a thing for fancy long names.
2) What is your nationality/ethnicity?
I'm from England. My family lived in a little town when I was born, but we moved when I was about ten. We moved to a bigger city because my brother got sick and we needed to be closer to the hospital.
3) When were you born/how old are you?
May 10th 1994. I hate to sound like my brother and just throw random facts into these interviews but... Did you know Victoria Woodhull was nominated for presidency on May 10th 1872 as the first woman EVER in the United States? I googled my birthday and I thought that was a pretty cool fact.
4) What is your race (human/angel/demon/etc)?
I am a human.
5) Are you single or taken? Who is your lover/crush?
Single. I have never had a boyfriend. Most people get scared when they see my brother, and I can never be with someone who is afraid of him; he's all the family I have left!
6) Are you straight/bi/trans/etc?
Straight, I think. I've never really thought about it much. Honestly, I imagine love to be free of genders, but I am mostly attracted to men.
7) Favorite hobby?
Uhm, reading probably. I love to disappearing into new and wonderful worlds for a few hours.
8) Favorite food& drink?
My absolute favorite drink is Coca Cola... Blame my owner, she drinks it all the time, and I tried it when she was not home, and now I like it just as much as she.
9) Do you have a job?
No, I sometimes get to help my brother when he's experimenting, but he doesn't pay me.
10) What is your favorite animal?
I think my all time favorite animals might be dragons! When I was a child I read the Tamora Pierce Wild Magic series and I loved Skysong (Kitten) so much. I kept begging my parents to let me have a baby dragon too, but they wouldn't.
11) What is your bad habit?
I wouldn't say it's a bad habit but Hamlet says it is; I love reading so much that I often disappear into the stories and forget about the world around me. I never pay attention to the news but I know all about my favorite stories.
12) What is your favorite hangout?
My big cozy armchair, it's just perfect for reading!
13) Do you have a favourite holiday?
Probably, New Year's Eve. To celebrate the start of a new year and the good things to come.
14) Dolls (from other families) you'd like to meet?
I'm really excited to meet Ophelia! Did you know Ophelia and Freyah are my cousins? But I'm so shy, maybe they will not like me?
15) Would you briefly tell us your background?
I was born in 1994 and until my brother got sick, the most interesting thing to happen was when I went through the ice while ice-skating on a frozen lake in my old neighborhood.
My life now revolves around my brother; he is everything to me, and I love him dearly.

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  1. Aw! I have been looking forward to her interview with much anticipation - and was definitely not disappointed XD
    Elsa Maria is super cute and has this awesome mix of mature-ness/silly-ness <3
    I'm sure she and Ophelia are going to be best friends ;D

    1. Then I hope you enjoyed it :)

      Elsa Maria wants to meet Ophelia soon! :P

    2. I did!! It was a great read ^^

      We need to have a doll meet soon! >__< I crave it! XD (Ophelia can't wait either)