torsdag den 18. juni 2015

Doll news!

One of my friends (maybe more of an acquaintance)  from the doll hobby is selling a lot of her dolls because she wants to buy a motorbike. She has some very cool and very limited dolls. I bought my Ringdoll Zombie Sol from her, and when I picked him up, I saw all her fancy dolls. She has dolls like Soom Bix, Souldoll Tarot dolls and Souloid dolls, she even has Souldoll Kowalski(!), and my favourit Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca.

I asked her if she was selling Cyborg Bianca too, and after some consideration she let me buy her! I'm super excited! Cyborg Bianca is one of the Iplehouse dolls I most regret not buying. She is amazing! And now she's moving in with me :D

I'm thinking Cyborg will fit in with the Freak and Geeks story with Zombie, Voodoo, Scorpio, and Lady Snake.

Speaking of the Freaks and Geeks; Voodoo and Scorpio should be here within a week. I'm so excited to see them irl. Also I'm planning to make Zombie a new wig; the old one is falling apart ever since I tried to colour it, and I need new eyes for either Zombie or Nathaniel as they are currently sharing.

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