tirsdag den 9. juni 2015


As I am currently right in the middle of an exam (3 day take-home exam) I felt now was a perfect opportunity to update my blog :D

In the middle of April I received my Fifth Motif Venitu and I shipping him off to Russia just a few days later for a faceup. He's supposed to be a Voodoo king, and I wanted something very specific. Like a painted skull face but not a perfect one (if that makes sense). I just saw the finished result and I love him! He's just as I imagined him to be.

Here is a link to him on the faceup artist Flickr:

I also sent along my Elfdoll Vivien head. The head I wanted blushed to match a Soom Vesuvia body in bronze. For her I had no clear imagine of how I wanted her; I wanted her not to be pretty/girly but more rough.

And here is a link to her faceup (with her headcap to see the blushing):

I'm super excited to see my babies arrived home. I already have the first outfit ready for Venitu, but I haven't painted his body yet (I want his body covered in tattoos).


2 kommentarer:

  1. They look so coool!! So happy for you!
    Can't wait till you get them home and can take lots of photos :D

    1. Haha, me neither.
      I was planning to give Voodoo some very pale blue eyes, but I really like the red ones he's got on in the photos, so I might have to find him eyes like that :D