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Phryne, Jude, and Hamlet

All my dolls in the Freaks and Geeks story have both nicknames and real names.

Zombie's real name is Hamlet Jones
Voodoo's real name is Jude Effrayant
Scorpio's real name is Phryne Ffoulkes

I don't yet know the real names of Snake Lady and Cyborg, but I imagine they will tell me when they arrive.


There is a meaning behind every name I choose for my characters.

Hamlet Jones:

Hamlet is from the Shakespeare. My Hamlet looks like a corpse and he is prone to be melancholy, bitter, and cynical. He is also reflective and thoughtful and he has studied at the University. People fear him, and part of him really hates it but an other part of him takes a twisted pleasure from it.

Jones is from Indiana Jones. Hamlet is also an adventurer and a bit of a geek. With his friends (the freaks) he is happy and often laughing.

Jude Effrayant:

Jude is from Jude Law. Sorry, but I just love that man!

Effrayant is a French word for scary, and as I'm basing my Voodoo king in New Orleans, I felt it appropriate to give him a French name. And Voodoo is a bit of a scary man.

Phryne Ffoulkes:

I really like the name Bryony but it didn't fit the character quite well, so when I read about Phryne from ancient Greece, I knew I had found the right name.
Phryne is a very beautiful and cleaver girl, but she's had a hard life. In ancient Greece, the name of Phryne was a nickname sometimes given to courtesans and prostitutes.
My Phryne is brave and she only cares about her friends. She gives absolutely zero f**ks about strangers and what they think of her.

Ffoulkes is from Sir Andrew Ffoulkes from the Scarlet Pimpernel series. Sir Andrew is loyal to his friend and leader, the Scarlet Pimpernel, just like Phryne is loyal to her friends. She will walk through fire for the people she loves.

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  1. Haha so cool to read about your reasons for choosing those names *__*
    Can't wait to

    1. Thanks :) I'm excited to discover the names of my new girls :D