onsdag den 26. august 2015

The sad gentleman

I'm introducing a new character to the Freaks and Geeks story; Henry D'Arcy.

Henry is gentleman through and through, but he is also a very sad man. Therefore, I call him The Sad Gentleman (very cleaver, right?)

When Henry was young he suffered a great loss; his little sister was raped and murdered by her uncle. His parents never recovered from her death, and they slowly gave up on life. As a result Henry was forced to take care of his parents while trying to attend school. It didn't work; Henry wasn't always able to do his homework or attend school regularly, so his teachers kept failing him. In the end Henry stopped going to school, and stayed home taking care of his parents. For the next ten years, Henry's life consisted of just taking care of his parents.

Henry suffered greatly the loss of his sister and also the loss of his parents (their minds died on the same day as their daughter), and his depression took the form of a claw-arm (as long as Henry suffers his depression the claw will remain). After more than ten years with a claw-arm, he now sees it as a fixed part of him.

Then his parents died (natural causes) leaving Henry all alone.

Henry eventually left his childhood home, and went on an adventure. He had no plan as to where he was going, but Fate put him in the path of Zombie, Voodoo, Scorpio, Medusa, and Cyborg...


This is a picture I found that I feel represent Henry as I see him:
 This is the doll to be Henry; a Soom Bix hybrid on a Ringdoll RGM-4 body.
The doll needs a new faceup, eyes (these are Nathaniel's), wig (this is Nathaniel's) etc.
He needs pretty much everything!


4 kommentarer:

  1. Interesting concept! :) I feel sad for him though :P
    I hope he'll find whatever happiness he needs <3

    1. Me too! Henry is probably the one of my characters with the most tragic backstory. Phryne's not nice either but I think Henry's worse because it's more psychological.
      Don't worry, he will :) Fate will lead him on the right path to happiness...

  2. Cool! Such a sad but interesting story. He really does look a bit like he is trying his best to not look too sad. Poor guy <3

    1. Poor guy! He is possibly the most psychological broken of all my characters, but he is very strong. He has lived with his grief for so many years and he is not completely broken by it. He has the strength to overcome it.