lørdag den 26. september 2015

WIP Cyborg Wonder Woman

My newest project is turning my Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca into a cyborg version of Wonder Woman.

So far I've been working on painting her cyborg body, making her wig, and her headband. I gave her a very quick faceup just so she had a face of some kind.

I do not have time to work more on her until after my exams (starts in two weeks and I'm so behind on revision!)

I still need to work on:
Faceup - she just got a quickly made and very temporary one.
Eyes - she'll probably get ED eyes in 10mm or Mako eyes in 12mm.
Headband - paint a red star, and try to find a better way of attaching it.
Outfit - she's getting a skirt because I don't much like the panties in her cyborg-armor. I'm not sure a corset; I think not but I'm really uncertain (what do you think?)

Here is a picture of her as she looks right now:


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