fredag den 23. oktober 2015

Dolls, Lists, Story Arcs

I'm starting to have quite a few dolls. Therefore, I have quite a few characters. Sometimes I get a little confused (like "how do I spell Jude's last name?" and "where exactly do Sparrow belong?"). This is a list of my dolls, their characters, and three word to describe them (I saw it on Resin Garden, but I'm not sure if I'll post this list there too).
I made this list, so that I can keep track of my characters, who is who, and who is in what story arc etc.
The Fates belong in the same universe as the Freaks (the Pirates do not). Some of these characters have not yet been introduced, three do not even have a name, two I have only as heads, and one is not even a doll yet (25/10 Edit: the doll is ordered!!!).

The Three Fates:

Volks YoTenshi Yuh - Miss Elliot (Baby Fate. The Creator of Life): Fun, cute, and mature. 
Lillycat Ellana - Jules (Teenager Fate. The Maker of Happiness): Fun, cute, and childish.
Popodoll Ramiel - (Adult Fate. The Bringer of Death): Sad, strong, and fun.
The Freaks:
Elfdoll Vivien hybrid - Phryne Ffoulkes (Scorpio): Sexy, Strong, and loving
Ringdoll Zombie - Hamlet Jones (Zombie): Sad, strong, and weak
Fifth Motif Venitu - Jude Effrayant (the Voodoo King): Intelligent, stubborn, and fun
Simply Divine Medusa Valentina (head only) - (Snake Lady): Sad, strong, and loving  
Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca - (Cyborg): Loyal, hot-headed, and fierce
Soom Bix hybrid - Henry D’Arcy (the Sad Gentleman): Sad, loyal, and gentleman

The Pirates:
Twigling Ylisande hybrid - Captain Morgan O'Malley: Fierce, strong, and hot-headed
Iplehouse Rex - Captain Nathaniel Henry Milton: Intelligent, strong, and forgiving
Volks Ruby - Marina: Loyal, intelligent, and loving
Granado Mads (head only) - Alonso: Loyal, strong, and weak
Elfdoll Ruru - Sparrow/Xiomara: Pretender, strong, and intelligent


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  1. Nice list!
    I love your dollies. Can't wait to hear more *^^*
    Yay! And you might have your Bringer of Death soon ;D

    1. Thank you. My dolls love you too :P

      Yes, like OMG what just happened? Did I really do it? WHAAAAAA?!?!
      I just told Avi, and she was like "OMG! He's amazing!" Haha! Thanks for telling me about him!
      Hihi, I bought a doll...! Whhhaaaaaaatttt!? I'm so excited :D