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As you know; my dolls live in two different universes, and here I will show you some the dolls from the Freaks universe (there are more dolls in this universe that just these four, but they are still WIPs). I am sorry for the very boring backgrounds. These pictures are not new, but I wanted to show you the characters and tell a little about how they met and became friends...

The Freaks all have some physical flaw that they assume makes them non-human.

The first character we meet in this universe is Hamlet Jones. He's from a loving family and he has a younger sister. He was top of his classes and studied to become a doctor, but he got a strange sickness. He suffers from a form of encephalopathy sickness, which makes his skin rot of the bones, and his mental abilities deteriorate because many small holes appear in his cortex, which will eventually make his brain a sponge. Because of his sickness we call him Zombie.
He has tried many different medicines, but not a lot is known of his sickness. Now he wants to try alternative treatment.

Zombie meets a pretty girl called Phryne Ffoulkes. She lived on the other side of the dessert, but had to escape. Crossing the dessert she almost died, but she was saved by a witch. To save Phryne 
scorpion poison was used. But it fused with her body, and she got a Scorpio tail (but she survived). Because of her tail we call her Scorpio.
Scorpio is still a pretty girl but she does not think herself pretty anymore after she got the tail, and she wants it gone.


Zombie and Scorpio quickly becomes friends. They are both loners but they see in the other person someone who can understand them.
Both Zombie and Scorpio hear talk of Voodoo magic, and wonder if it can save them. Together they seek the Voodoo king to help the. But to do voodoo magic he needs ingredients and someone destroyed his home and all of his ingredients. Together the 3 friends set out to find new ingredients.

The friends run into Henry D'Arcy. He is a gentleman (his nickname is Gentleman) but he suffered a very great loss when he was young, and his depression took the form of a claw-arm (as long as Henry suffers his depression the claw will remain).
After about 15 years with a claw-arm, he now sees it as a fixed part of him, and no not believe it can change. Henry is not dependent on voodoo magic but on love to be healed, but he stays with the Freaks because they do not judge him. Henry is a scholar so he knows a lot. He and Voodoo become very good friends and often discuss books and papers.

Henry becomes friends with the others and together they set off on new adventures.
Along the way Scorpio and Voodoo fall in love. She is afraid that he can't remove her tail, because she believes the flaw is a hindrance in their relationship. She does not understand that he loves her exactly as she is, so he will not let her go even if he cannot remove her scorpion tail.

Zombie is a Ringdoll Zombie Sol
Scorpio is an Elfdoll Vivien hybrid
Voodoo is a Fifth Motif Venitu
Henry is a Soom Bix hybrid

I will introduce the other two planned Freaks when they are ready; Snakey and Cyborg.
Snakey is a Simply Divine Medusa Valentina. I need to buy her a body soon. When I have her body will I be able to work on her.
Cyborg is a Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca. I need to finish her faceup, clothes and accessories.

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  1. I love the freaks *____*~<3
    They are so special and cool. And you've really made their characters super interesting. :D They are all very relate-able.
    I wish I could start finishing my dollies as well, but alas, I'll need a sowing machine and the right fabrics to do so ^^"
    But I can enjoy your crew all nice and done in the meantime ;D

    1. Thanks dear :D
      These are some of my favorit characters because they are so human. They may not believe it themselves, because they are a bit stupid when it comes to that :P
      I wish your dolls to be finished too, so I can fan-girl over them. I love their characters and I'm excited to see them come alive :D

  2. I adore your story, even if just a summary. I'd love to see you write or make a photo story for sure x3

    1. Thank you :D I've mostly worked on their backgrounds, but I feel like I know both Zombie, Scorpio, and Henry. Voodoo doesn't feel like sharing his past so I know only very little about him. I hope I can write about their adventures someday :D

  3. So interesting to read about! I hope to hear more when we meet this friday ;) Scorpio is so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks dear. I'll be sure to tell Scorpio that <3 She doesn't think of herself as pretty anymore.
      I would love to talk about their characters some more. I know most of their backgrounds and a bit of what happens when they meet. But there are still blanks I need to figure out, so I'm sure it will help me too to talk about them :D