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Henry D'Arcy [Soom Bix Hybrid]

I've changed a few things about Henry (mostly I made him a scholar). This is Henry's story so far...


Henry is very much a gentleman, which is why his nickname is Gentleman (you know me, my dolls from the Freaks universe must have a nickname).

When Henry was young (about 14) he suffered a great loss; his little sister was raped and murdered by her uncle. His parents never recovered from her death, and they slowly gave up on life. As a result Henry was forced to take care of his parents while trying to attend school. It didn't work; Henry wasn't always able to attend school regularly, so his teachers kept failing him. In the end Henry stopped going to school, and stayed home taking care of his parents. But he never gave up on studying and studied on his own.
Studying on his own made him independent and he was a quick learner. He was like a sponge with knowledge, and when he was in his twenties he communicated with other scholars around the word (they assumed he was older than he was because both his knowledge, his way of writing, and his way of addressing people seemed to belong to someone much older).

Henry suffered greatly the loss of his sister and also the loss of his parents (their minds died on the same day as their daughter), and his depression took the form of a claw-arm (as long as Henry suffers his depression the claw will remain). After more than ten years with a claw-arm, he now sees it as a fixed part of him.

For the next 10-15 years, Henry took care of his parents. Then they died (natural causes) leaving Henry all alone. He eventually left his childhood home with his books (he was then 30). He wanted to seek out knowledge in the old libraries all over the world.
The Fates decided to put him in the path of Zombie, Voodoo, Scorpio, Medusa, and Cyborg...


This picture shows Henry with no Claw arm, so it's from after he met the other Freaks and they helped him battle his depression.


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  1. Kewl! He sure looks like a gentleman now :D
    I like his story, but I also feel like hugging him <3

    1. If anyone doesn't feel like giving him a big hug, then I'd doubt if they had a heart all. His story is probably the most depressing story of any character I have (or have had). I wanna hug him all the time but at least he is currently seating between Scorpio and Zombie, and I'm sure they'll do their best to hug him and be there for him :)

    2. Haha true. He is just such a sad case. Auntie luvs him ;^;~<3
      But writing characters that are like that will definitely evolve you as a writer :D
      Aww! Good thing he can sit with his friends and get their love *^^*

    3. It's good that he has someone like you to love him :D
      I hope so. So far the characters I've written have been pretty normal and a bit "too great". Now I'm writing a fanfiction with a very arrogant characters, and I just hope I can make him believable but also show how he changes.

  2. Scholarly guys are the best x33
    His story is very interesting and I love the way you accessorized him, that bag and the umbrella are just perfect for a Sir like him~

    1. Yes! I really love people who are scholarly cleaver, so I don't know why I didn't think of it for Henry before now. I think it's something to fit his characters well. When he tries to forget the horrors around him, he can just study and almost forget the real world.
      When I saw the bag and umbrella I knew I needed it for him. He needs something to carry his books around in :P