tirsdag den 15. december 2015

One Ruby, two Rubies...

Making Ruby siblings; Marina and Marius
Deciding Marina should no longer be the Commodore I needed something else for her, and I decided on giving her a brother...
I have a Volks SD16 Ruby girl but I want a boy too. First, is getting one more Ruby head and then getting a Ringdoll RGM-4 body in tan to match.
First step was actually very easy; I decided on getting Ruby siblings a week ago, and when I went on DoA there was a Ruby head for sale. Nice and easy.
Second step was also easy; I knew I wanted a RGM-4 body in tan from this year because I knew that would match very well. So I looked on DoA and there was one. I asked to buy it on a layaway, and that was fine.
I'm surprised by how easy it was to find the head and body to make a Ruby boy. And I'm surprised it did not cost more ($700 total for head and body, which is a lot of money but it's less than I feared).
Here is a pretend picture, with Marina as both herself and her brother Marius. As Marius she is on a RGM-4 body in NS, but I know Ringdoll tan is a good match for Volks ebony. The height difference will be about 4cm, I assume.

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  1. Ruby also looks great as a boy! :O
    It's great that everything went so smoothly, I had no idea the resin match for V tan and ringdoll tan would be so good xD That's great to know too!

    1. Once I have Marius put together I will show pictures, so you can see.
      This summer I received a doll from Ringdoll and they had a free head event, so I chose a head in tan to see their tan. When I compared the head to my Volks Ruby it was also exactly the same.
      Here is a picture on my Instagram:

  2. Its so crazy you've managed to get the doll you wanted within such short time XD'
    They will be amazing as siblings!
    $700 is rather 'cheap' imo :P I thought Ruby was super rare or something and that you'd have to pay lots of $$$ just for the head XD
    I have no clue when it comes to that hybridising and second hand stuff. Haha :D

    1. Yes, how is that even possible!? But I do think I have luck when trying to find dolls. It's rare I don't find the doll I want actually.
      Yeah, I think so too. Ruby is super rare, but if you only have her head she's not that easy to hybridise and finding just her body is hard. So not many are interested in buying just the head.
      Usually Rubys don't sell for under $1200 for a doll. Usually they have a price much higher.

    2. Haha you are super lucky! :D

      Yeah, 'cus I remember you've mentioned that Ruby and Pearl (?) are quite rare. But so glad you managed to snatch that head up so fast and so 'cheap' ^^
      I want to visit you soon to see all your dolls XD'

    3. I have dollie-luck :D And that is a good kind of luck.

      Yes, some of the SD16 girls are rather limited and difficult to find for sale. Luckily Ruby, Pearl, and Garnet have been easier to find since Volks have released them twice in the US exclusive Full Choice System thingy.