tirsdag den 2. februar 2016

Received some of my new dolls

Iplehouse Skull Crow Head
This summer my friend bought Iplehouse Crow and I was able to get the Skull head. I completely forgot about it until my friend was like "yo, remember Skull-boy?". I met with my friend last weekend and I got the head. It has the default faceup, but I added a lot more black blushing to the faceup. I don't know if Iplehouse still offers the head in the Doll Choice, but I haven't seen that many photos of the Skull Crow head yet. I hope many more shows up because the head is pretty cool :D

Volks Ruby / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid
I got the body for Marius (RGM-4 from Ringdoll). The ringdoll body seems to have a translucency (like French resin), and the Volks head is not translucent at all. This is the reason why the match is not perfect.
I gave Marius a faceup and a body blushing. The faceup didn't turn out so well, unfortunately, so I'll have to fix that later. But Marina needs a new faceup also, so I'll probably do faceups on the twins together one day.

Things I'll need to do:
  • Decide on eyes for The Commodore and the Twins. The eyes Marius is wearing is the eyes I just gave to The Commodore. If the twins needs eyes like these then I'll have to find more ED 16mm eyes with narrow iris. But I'm thinking the Twins can take normal 16mm eyes actually.
  • I need to decide how to fit the Twins into the Freaks story. I know a lot about the Twins and their guardian, but I still need to figure out a lot, and figure out how to fit the Twins into the Freaks universe.
  • Decide on the Twins outfits. I know I can buy outfits from Sadol to fit them, but I'm actually thinking of designing their outfits myself.

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  1. It's great to see your dolly family getting together like this, bit by bit :D
    It would be cool if you actually did the outfits by yourself! :O Can't wait to see!

    1. Me too :D I love seeing how the family changes and grows all the time.
      Yeah, I think so too. It could be very cool if I was able to make their outfits myself :D

  2. I'm so in love with agent skully!! *___*
    So sad it was not more popular at release (you are not able to get the skull head anymore, only when they re-release the CH series again). :/ The skulptor did an amazing job!! :D

    Marius is coming together so fast its crazy XD'
    I'm interested to see what you end up deciding for their clothes. :D

    1. Me too! I considered selling him when you reminded me of him, but no way! He's staying (though he probably will not have a body until after my master's). He's so cool :D
      Strange as all the CH heads are in the Doll Choice as far as I've seen. But then the head has to be very limited as not a lot of Crows were sold.

      It's going to slow down a bit now. He also needs a new faceup, but I am lazy and busy at school.

    2. Haha yeah, but good thing you won't 'cos he is too badass *__*
      I don't think you can get the newer CH heads in DC normally? Like from Alberto and forward. I think it's because some of them were not super popular (Alberto, Crow, Isis and Omar) or at least didn't sell a lot. But maybe they'll be up later now that Drake is going to be available.

    3. Actually, I see now that they've included all the CH dolls in the DC - just not the Crow skull head. I guess it was the real limited part of Crow - together with the clothes.