fredag den 1. juli 2016

Wishlist and/or shopping list

I saw Resin Romance do this wishlist meme, and it got me thinking about my own wishlist. There are the dolls I want, but probably will never get unless I get a good offer or win the lottery, and then there are the dolls that I hope to bring home within a couple of years.

I don't know how many dolls I can bring home when I live in Beijing because I plan to use my money on travels, but here's hoping for a few bodies at least.

My current wishlist (shopping list for the next couple of years):
Dollstown 13y girl body in Fresh (for my Nabarro Booth head)
Dollstown 17y girl body in Fresh (for my Iplehouse Soo head)
Dollstown 18y boy body in Fresh (for my Nabarro Sumner - I just won an auction on DoA for Sumner, so I can finally bring him home at a price that is not too bad. Yay!)
Whispering Grass Thomas head on Dollstown 18y body perhaps in Green, Blue, or Grey resin

And the dolls that I would love to own also, but don't what to pay for...:
All of the Nabarro heads, but since the heads usually go for over $1000 for the older heads, then I probably will not get them.
Volks Scar-Face Reisner
Souldoll Cratos in Sandy Brown. The Tera Zenith size just seem a little to big for me (yet).
Dollshe Rey Lewis in copper oriental. He looks so pretty, but I don't know what to do with him.
Dollshe 26F girls. I like all of them, but I don't really see them fitting in with my doll family.
Fifth Motif Goohwa. I used to think the Goohwa head was very strange, but I really like him a lot now.
Twigling Eloy. Such a pretty and interesting nose.
Withdoll Adriana in a grey skin. I'm not all that convinced about her as Jules, but until I find a better alternative, she's my wish for Jules.
Dollshe Bermann. I really like him, but I don't like his price on the 2nd hand market.


4 kommentarer:

  1. How exciting about the Sumner head! It's a gorgeous head :D
    I look forward to try a Dollstown body someday. I've heard so many great things about them :)
    So many pretties on your wishlist, though! I hope you can get those home, you really want :3

    1. I'm super excited about Sumner. He's the head that got me interested in Nabarro, but he was so expensive on the 2nd hand market. Instead I found a Booth head for a good price, but it just made me want Sumner even more. Hehe, I love Nabarro's sculpting.
      I've head so many good thing about the Dollstown bodies too, and they are supposed to be good matches to all my heads (both resin and size), so I'm probably going to buy those bodies when I can afford them :)
      Thanks! :D

  2. You have such a diverse wishlist with many unique sculpts on it, I hope you can get them all but I know how hard it can be to get some of those limited editions! ;_;

    1. Yes, truly. Some of them don't come cheap when they sporadically pop up on the 2nd hand market. I hope I can bring some of them home in the future, but if not then I'm ok with that :)