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Finally an updated (including an updated doll-list)

Wow, long time since my last update! I'll try to be better...
Unfortunately, I have not been keeping up with your blogs either, so I'll just take a look now.

China is being good to me. I've had a lot of fun, done a lot of travel, been busy with homework, and everything else that comes with moving around the world.

I hardly know where to start this blog about my dolls, so I'll do an updated list of my dolls and incoming dolls. The list is alphabetic based on the maker of the head.

Next update, should that be about characters or about the universes (only Freaks Character/Universe as the Pirates have not been evolved lately)?

Cat's Doll Tove / Angelheim Elderheim  body WS:
Name: No name yet, as he didn't really fit the character I had in mind, and I'm now trying to see if he can be someone else. I'm considering turning him "evil" but then he needs to be blue and I would like to have a blue body for him and just blush the head to match.
I'm not a fan of the body he has as it seems too small for the head. So we'll see about him later on.

Eldoll Ruru / Volks SD16 EBONY
Name: Sparrow
Her character is semi-developed.

Elfdoll Vivien / Soom SG BRONZE
Name: Phryne
She is pretty much completed and I'm not working on her atm.

Fifth Motif Goohwa AVATAR BLUE
Name: Branimir
I'm waiting for him. I ordered him when Fifth Motif opened up for the latest preorder.
I have ordered a custom wig for him, and I have an idea about clothes. He should ship this month or the next. His character is semi-developed (I keep saying his name in my head as "Branimir, son of Borka, son of Bodin.")

Name: Jude (Voodoo)
He needs body blushing, perhaps better eyes, maybe more clothes, and a pair of shoes.

Iplehouse Rex head / Dollshe 28M body REAL SKIN/COPPER ORIENTAL
Name: Nathaniel
I'm waiting for the body, which is on shipping now to Avi (in Denmark where most of my dolls are). If the body matches then he is pretty complete and I will not work more on him atm.

Iplehouse Skull Crown head WS
Name: Marius (Fate/Dead Version)
So far he shares a body. I need an outfit for him when he is a Fate, but I can't seem to find the right outfit.

Iplehouse Soo head WS
Name: Alva
I'm considering a Dollstown 17y body for her. Her character is developed, but I'm not sure about what kind of outfit to get her. She also needs a wig, new faceup, and shoes.

Nabarro Booth head WS
Name: Sky Woman (more a title than a name)
I'm considering a Dollstown 17y body for her. Her character is semi-developed (need to figure out a proper name). I need to decide on her outfit, new faceup, wig, and everything.

Nabarro Sumner head WS
Name: Sky Man (more a title than a name)
I'm considering a Dollstown 18y body for him. His character is semi-developed (need to figure out a proper name). I've ordered his outfit because I found what I wanted for sale. He needs a faceup and wig.

Peakswoods Dlight GREY
Name: Elsa Maria
Her character is semi-developed so I need to work more on that, but I'm not currently working on her.

Popodoll Ramiel TAN
Name: Collector
He should have more clothes but for now he is good and I'm not currently looking for new things for him.

Ringdoll Zombie Sol GREY
Name: Zombie
He is pretty complete and I'm not working on him. I do need to find him a pair of shoes/boots at some point.

Soom Bix / Ringdoll RGM-4 NS
Name: Henry
He is pretty complete and I'm not working on him. He does need a new faceup at some point.

Twigling Ylisande / Iplehouse nYID LIGHT TAN
Name: Morgan
She is pretty complete and I'm not working on her atm. I would like to get her another body at some point.

Volks SD16 Ruby EBONY
Name: Marina
Her character is developed, but I still need to find the perfect outfit for her that matches Marius.

Volks Ruby / Ringdoll RGM-4 EBONY/TAN
Name: Marius (human version)
His character is developed, but I still need to find his outfit and it has to match Marina's.

Volks YoTenshi Yuh NS
Name: Elliot
Her character is semi-developed and I'm not currently working on her.

Apart from Cat's Doll Tove I have a character for the dolls, and next step is to buy bodies and outfits. Some characters need to be fully developed, but I know what drives the characters and how they fit into the Universe.

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  1. You have so many lovelies :D I can't wait to see them all, when you're back in Denmark again! <3

    1. Thanks dear <3 I miss my dolls and I'm so looking forward to seeing them all again when I come back to Denmark :D

  2. It's great to hear you're liking Asia! Did you get a VPN set up? I hated that I needed a VPN to get on my own blog! Haha :3

    Did you take any of your dollies with you?

    1. I do like Asia. There have been times when I think China is just the worst, but it passes quickly. Yes, I have a VPN set up so I can use the blog, facebook, instagram, BBC iplayer (to watch the Doctor Who spin off Class). It is frustrating that I need a VPN so much but I'm getting used to it :D

      No, I did not. I didn't have room. But I bough Cat's Doll Tove and a body for him here, so I have him with me. I just haven't been able to find sealant here, so I can't paint him.