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Nabarro dolls and the Gods of Freaksland

For me, Nabarro dolls were love at first sight. Unfortunately I only discovered them pretty late, but I've been able to get my hands on Sumner, Booth, and now Yakumo.
I have only one body here in Beijing, but Yakumo already stole it from my Cat's Doll Tove (it was not a good match for Tove anyway).

A few weeks ago I promised myself that I would only make the gods in my universe as dolls if I could get Nabarro dolls for them because I think that would be fantastic.
All my gods have tentative names because I have not had the time to work so much on them or their characters.

I have:
Sumner will by Sky Man
Booth will be Sky Woman
Yakumo will be Khaos.

And if I ever find them then:
Wally will be Balance
Har will be the Second
Cyril will be the First

I'll just quickly explain the gods and how they fit into my doll universe.

The Gods and the Divine Kingdoms:

The divine kingdoms are Sky Kingdom and Earth Kingdom (Earth is separate and not divine).

In the beginning there was nothing. Then from the nothingness came forth a deity. He was the First. He saw potential in the nothingness, but needed help. He ripped off his arm and from it created the Second deity. Together they created the Sky Kingdom, where they lived together.

The First sacrificed himself to make the Earth below the Sky Kingdom, this resulted in the creation of Khaos and Balance. Khaos seeks to create chaos on Earth and Balance seeks to create balance in the world. The Second created two more deities; Sky Man and Sky Woman.

Sky Man and Sky Woman sought to create mortals, but they could not agree on what traits were most important. Sky Man created the Elves to live in harmony with the world. Sky Woman created the Orcs to cultivate the earth and grow food. Together they made the Humans to live in balance with the world. Khaos and Balance laughed and behind Sky Man and Sky Woman’s backs they made a few changes. Balance looked at the humans and gave some the gift of magic (thus creating the Wizards) and Khaos looked at the peaceful Orcs and from them created the Trolls (I have not yet discovered what he did). So the world ended up with five sub-species of “humany-looks”: humans, wizards, trolls, elves, and orcs. These five sub-species are known as the Dudali species to the gods.

Sky Man and Woman then created a being to watch and help the Dudali species, Creator. They also created the Earth Kingdom for the Creator to live. Later on Sky Man and Sky Woman created the Bringer and the Collector to help the Creator (and thus the three Fates came to be). The Creator, Bringer and Collector lives in Earth Kingdom, where they can watch the mortal men and women on Earth and help them in their lives. They are not gods themselves, but have divine blood and are immortal.

Sky Woman saw the mortals they had made, and felt sorry for the outcasts. She then decided to help, and went to Earth, where she brought the outcasts together. She used a blood ritual to create a new species from these outcasts, the Unity.

Sky Kingdom:
Here lives all the gods like Second (supreme ruler of the universe), Chaos, Balance, Sky Man, and Sky Woman (before she descended to Earth).

The style of dress in Sky Kingdom is very Asian. It is old school Korean and Chinese, and Sky Woman brought this kind of fashion to Earth and Unity. So Unity's dress is inspired by old Asian dresses and costumes, but with a modern twist.

Earth Kingdom:
Here lives the Fates, so they are closer to the Earth, where the mortal humans live. Here also all Fates/souls live after their mortal life is over (the souls are like a specks of light).

There is no specific style of dress in Earth Kingdom as the Fates dress very differently from each other, but generally in a style that matches the mortals that they watch and help.

Here live all mortals, and they dress very differently from each other.

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  1. What a wonderful work you have created!!! I'm having so much fun reading these posts.

    1. Thanks :D I'm happy you like it. I have so much fun trying to come up with my doll universe.