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The Unity - Alva and Branimir (Iplehouse Soo and Fifth Motif Goohwa)

Nikki asked for an explanation about how Branimir fits into my Doll Universe. It takes some explanation, but here goes :D

You know how every story needs bad guys? Mine are called Unity (very tentative title but so far I have not been able to come up with a better name). Now, I'm not that good at making bad guys because I always wants to know what drives them, why they act as they do, and suddenly I start to feel for the bad guy and wants to give them a better story (Voodoo actually started as a bad guy, but now he's one of the heroes...).

Unity is a species/race of humans that lives in a big colony under the Great Mountain. A person from Unity is called a Unit (again very tentative).

Unity came to be when a divine being felt sorry for the lost and lonely individuals from the different "human-y" races (humans, wizards, trolls, elves, and orcs). This divine being settled on Earth and gathered the lost and lonely around her. Using a blood ritual she was able to bring these individuals together to form a new human species/race, Unity.
A human who went through this ritual would be part human and part Unit.

Over hundreds of years Unity evolved into a eusocial colony with a hive mind, where the queen (the divine being) was regarded as the supreme leader. The queen rules only in the best interest of Unity, of the colony as a whole. For a long time this structure worked very well.
The Units stayed in the colony and never left, so Unity was not really known in the rest of the world.

Over thusand of years the queen slowly lost her power (as any other divine being who stays on Earth she slowly turned mortal and grew weak). She slowly lost the control over the hive mind, and people started to have individual thoughts and to blok the hive mind. This meant multiple fractions were formed and political ideas started to spread.

A Unit can be made through the blood ritual, but only the queen can perform that ritual. Units can also be made of children of Units (just one Unit parent is enough), and any Unit can transform a Unit-child into a Unit.
The Unity population had decreased over the last many years, so certain fraction within Unity saw the only way for Unity to survive as to increase the population which meant Units had to have children with non-Units and then turn the children into Units. This meant that many individuals from different human races were kidnapped and raped in an attempt to save Unity. Some of the outsiders married their captors and live a happy life, but most of the outsiders lived the rest of their lives as prisoners and child-makers. Outside of Unity no one really knew what happened to these individuals, so it was assumed they were killed by a strange and magical force, which caused a widespread fear, and the humans races named their fear The Darkness. It was only some Unity fractions who believed this way of survival, but they were able to spread their ideas to large parts of the Unity population, so it was an accepted way of life.

Some of the fractions were against the idea of rape and kidnapping as a way for their people to survive. Some worked in magic and tried to find ways to make the blood ritual without the queen. Some sought new ways for the population to survive with ideas of opening the gates, and let Unity try to live in peace with the human races.

As the queen grew weaker and lost more and more control over Unity, the fraction grew stronger, but no Unit could or would go against their queen and directly take her power for him- or herself... most probably.

A Unit can always be recognize, but Unit children, who have not yet been transformed, cannot. It is because the blood ritual used to turn someone into a Unit and the spell used to transform Unit-children both work on making the blood stronger, thicker, and more connected to Unity. Because the blood is altered it means Units look practically blue because the blood flows closer to the skin and in more veins.

Characters of Unit descent:

Alva (Iplehouse Soo) is the child of a full human mother and a Unit father (Borka). Her parents fell in love after her father left Unity to seek other ways for Unity to survive. They settled down, and her father hoped to used his own family as an argument to open the Unity gates and let Unity live in peace with the other human races.
Unfortunately, shortly after Alva was born her father died. Alva's mother raised the child on her own.
When Alva was around 15 some Units succeeded in creating a way to track Unit children so that they could bring them to the Great Mountain and turn them into Units. Shortly thereafter Units came to find her, but her mother fought them off, which allowed Alva to run away. She has been running ever since.... and one day she ran straight into Zombie, and the Freaks decided to help her.

Branimir (Fifth Motif Goohwa) is a full-blood Unit. He is the son of Borka and a Unit-lady, who's name I do not yet know. Borka and his Unit-wife were never happy together, and when Branimir turned 13, Borka left Unity and found happiness with a human woman and they had a child together (Alva). Before Borka left Unity he was a high standing politician and Branimir inherited his seat when Borka left. Branimir belongs to a fraction of Unity, who believes in opening the gates and interacting with the other human races.
When the tracking-magic allowed Unity to track Unity children, he was able to discover Alva was his half sister, and his world changed. He could not and would not allow Unity to turn his sister (whom he did not even know) against her will, and he set out to find her to protect her. He found her and since his paternal grandfather, Bodin,  had been half wizard, he was able to perform a little magic. He could not hide her core, but he made it difficult to track Alva. A Unit would know she was near but could not pinpoint her location, so she was often able to run away from the Units chasing her. He was also able to create a spell that would alarm him if Alva was in great distress. Branimir checked up on her as often as he could, but he also often had to be in the Great Mountain to fight the political ideas.
One day when the alarm went off he dropped everything and went to Alva, she was together with other humans but was fighting a battle with Units. As Branimir recognized the Units as very powerful trackers, he decided to join the fight. After the battle he finally told Alva everything.

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  1. I'm very new to your universe of dolls but I found this an interesting read, love the universe you have created and I hope to read more in the future!

    1. Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it even if you don't know the rest of the universe. I hope to write more about it later on :D

  2. I love what you have come up with! You're so creative and inspiring! :D
    I look forward to seeing both Alva and Branimir :3