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The Gods of Freaksland Part 2 (First and Second)

This is like a continuation of Gods of Freaksland. I mentioned all the gods, but focused on Sky Man and Sky Woman and what they did. This time I will explain a bit more about First and Second. I think I will do another part later on to explain Khaos and Balance.

First my list of ideal dolls for the gods:
Cyril will be the First
Har will be the Second
Yakumo will be Khaos
Wally will be Balance
Sumner will by Sky Man
Booth will be Sky Woman

First and Second will be Nabarro Cyril and Nabarro Har, respectively.

For First and Second I want both of their names to be First and Second, respectively, but not in English. It's not an easy task to find a name meaning first, so I might derive a bit and go for eternal or something similar or just stick to First as his god name.
I have a name for Second. He will be Diarh or Diahr or Dearh or Deahr. When pronounced it sounds similar to second in Chinese (dì èr). I think I prefer the spelling as Diahr, but I'm not sure yet.
Since my gods were (very loosely) inspired by old Asian legends and the style of dress in Sky Kingdom is based on old Asian fashions, then I think it would be a nice tribute to have Seconds name be inspired by Chinese (and now as it is my second home it just seems very fitting).

Who is First?

First was the first being in the universe. He came from nothing and suddenly just was. He created Diahr from his arm, and together they created Sky Kingdom. They lived together in Sky Kingdom and loved each other. But First had a dream of an Earth populated by all possible organisms and even beings looking like he and Second. After many years he sacrificed his life to create this Earth.

For a long time I've been thinking if that should be the end of First, but I have decided not; I don't want him to be gone forever... So my plan is that he did die, or at least part of him did - he did sacrifice himself, but not all of him died. A speck of light that was his soul survived and over the years it was able to grow a body (it/he came from nothing and can create from nothing. Only his soul could do this, as he is the only being, who can create things from nothing. Everyone else needs to transfigure something). It did take the soul a really long time to grow a body (like thousands of years), but it succeeded.

This New!First looks like the Old!First, but then doesn't. It's the same face, but the eyes are different, the way he walks is different, the way he talks, and the way he dresses is different. He is the same as always and he is not the same. Most importantly, he does not know who or what he is. He knows there is something different about him, but he does not dwell on it. He knows it is not normal not to age or to live forever. At first he hid himself, then he wandered the world and listened to the old legends and help out wherever he could.

For the last two hundred years he has been living in the depths of the big library in Median. There he is considered as a human-ghost and simply known as the Librarian. He knows all about the books there and he knows all the information, so people coming to the Median Library seek his help.

He calls himself Eddy because it just felt right and I've been reading about Eddy diffusion and water dynamics in school, so the word is just stuck in my mind. I kinda like "Eddy the Librarian" as a reference to him.

And so the question is how does he tie in with my Freaks? When Henry has trouble finding information about what could hide Bringer from the other fates, he travels to this library and seeks help here.

And who is Diahr (Second)?

First created Diahr from his arm. When First sacrificed himself to create Earth Diahr was devastated. First's sacrifice also created Khaos and Balance, but as babies. That was actually what made Diahr continue on; two new lives depended on him and his work.

He wanted to fulfill First's wish to create a world inhabited by species of every kind. It was slow work, and he spend a lot of time on Earth in the beginning to calm the waters, and grow the mountains. He grew the grass, but from that sprang a tree (he had not expected that). The little things that Diahr grew on Earth evolved and changed and from the grass came all kinds of plants. He grew a bacteria, and that evolved and changed into different organisms, which in turn changed and evolved.

He looked at the Earth and realized something was missing; beings looking like he and First, beings with a purpose of taking care of the Earth. These beings could not simply be grow as they required a soul to feel empathy for the Earth and all the organisms living there.

He took a star from the ends of the universe and broke it into pieces; from one piece sprang Sky Man and from another piece sprang Sky Woman. The two babies were watching their mother (they considered Diahr to be their mother) and found the pieces of the star interesting so they each ate a piece when Diahr wasn't looking. They instantaneously grew to look like adults.

Diahr gave Sky Man and Sky Woman a job to do; to create the beings to live on Earth. Using the star pieces/dust inside of them, they created the Elves, Orcs, and Humans. Khaos and Balance changed a few individuals and ended up creating the Wizards and the Trolls.

Khaos took the rest of the star pieces and crushed them into fine powder. Then he spread this powder over the entire world. Slowly the star dust was incorporated into every organism on Earth. (This created chaos, which is the basis of Khaos' name).

Diahr decided to let Khaos, Balance, Sky Man and Sky Woman take care of the Earth. Diahr didn't go to Earth any more and lived in Sky Kingdom since that day. He would control the Universe from Sky Kingdom, but not care for each little human, tree, or squirrel on Earth as he assumed the four other could take care of that. He missed First and slowly lost interest in Earth.

Diahr is considered the ultimate ruler of the universe. But how would he react when he discovers there is someone on Earth that he never thought to see again?

How do they look?

In my mind Diahr has an androgynous look. In some parts of the world he is considered as the Great Mother. In actuality he has no gender, but I referre to him as "he". The gods usually do not have a gender, but due to the star dust Khaos, Balance, Sky Man and Sky Woman all have genders, and when they made the Dudali people they gave them a bit of the star dust, and because of Khaos every living thing on Earth has a gender.
I imagine Second wearing a traditional outfit with white and peach colors, very long hair in a dark brown color. His eyes should be a very light color like ice blue.

Old!First also has an androgynous god-look, but New!First is male and looks male. His soul made his new body when he was on Earth and some star dust was integrated in his new body.
My focus is on New!First. I see him with a modern asymmetrical haircut (or just a side parting with hair falling in front of just one eye), glasses with green glass, and brown eyes. I can't get a clear image of this outfit, but it is not Asian like the gods nor Asian inspired like the Unity. It's more close to Henry's (Soom Bix) style.

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  1. Ahh Anne, this is such a great story! I want more :D
    I love how creative and well-thought out it is. I sense you've been considering these things a lot!
    I look forward to seeing them all as dolls :3

    1. Haha, thanks dear <3 I'm glad you like it.
      I've been working on my gods since I decided to include them in the universe. There has been a few changes since I started to think about them but generally they are as I though they would be. I am considering to change Khaos and Balace (switch the dolls around), but I will talk more about it when I introduce Khaos and Balance (probably will be done with that entry within a few weeks).

  2. I love this universe you have created, and I'm very excited to read more too!!
    Can't wait to see all of this come to life in doll form.

    1. Aw, that is so nice of you to say. It makes me very happy to hear that.
      I'm very excited about these characters in doll forms also. I hope I can find Wally this year and also get them all bodies.