søndag den 5. august 2018

Finally, An Update!!

It's been more than a year since I last updated my blog. I am wondering if I should give it a go and try to use this blog again or not. I am more active on IG, but in some ways a blog might be a better way to keep track of my ideas.

My bjd family has changed a lot over the last year and my plans have changed a lot too. Most importantly I have decided to split my dolls into different stories. The "Freaks" was starting to get to big for me and the "Pirates" was getting too small, and in all of that I started to have new ideas also.
My plan is to continue with "Freaks", but I will split the gods from "Freaks" into their own story. I will also continue with "Pirates", but their story will change. I hope to bring to life a more modern story also. Not all my dolls fit into these stories, but this is a start. As I develope the stories more, I will hopefully be able to fit all the dolls.

So the stories right now are:
1) Freaks
2) Gods
3) Pirates
4) Modern

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