tirsdag den 9. oktober 2018

Current Universes

I've been changing a bit around in the dolls. My newest plan is to divide the dolls into different universes and change the dolls around a bit.
I don't own bodies for all of the characters, so the most important part is that dolls within a universe have their own bodies. The bodies are then shared between the universes.

This is the current plan:
The blue name is the working name of the universe/world. 
A name in bold is the name of the character (if there is no name then it means I am unsure about is or currently working on a new name) 

Et: Nabarro Cyril / LoongSoul (NS yellow)
Diahr: Nabarro Har / Dollstown 18yr (copper oriental) – maybe change to 24M (Khan)
Khaos: Nabarro Yakumo / Dikadoll
Balance: Nabarro Wally / Universedoll (NS yellow)
Harmony: Demiurge Dolls Hero / Demiurge Dolls (NS)
Nabarro Sumner (WS) / Dollstown 18yr (fresh)
Nabarro Booth / Dollstown 17yr (fresh)
Demon: Rumpeldoll Abaddon / Dollstown 18y hybrid (Fresh)
Demon as human: Rumpeldoll Abaddon / Dollstown 18y hybrid (Fresh)
Creator: Volks Yuh / Volks YoTenshi
Bringer: Little Mermaid / Spiritdoll Fantasy (tan)
Collector: Popodoll Ramiel / Popodoll 70 (tan)
Guardian: Luts Bory / Luts KID Delf (real skin brown)
Iplehouse Skull Crow (WS) / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid (Tan)

Voodoo: Fifth Motif Venitu / Fifth Motif (caramel brown)
Zombie: Ringdoll Zombie Sol / Ringdoll RGM-1 (grey)
Scorpio: Elfdoll Vivien / Soom Super Gem Scorpio (bronze)
Henry: Demiurge Dolls Maybach / Ringdoll RGM-4 (NS)
Don: LET Don / Soom Super Gem (brown tan)
Joanna: Argodoll KS / Argodoll (light tan)
Demiurge Doll Warden / Dollstown 18yr (Fresh)

Nathaniel: Iplehouse Rex / Dollshe 24M
Vadim: Demiurge Dolls Alexey / Demiurge Dolls
Morgan: Twigling Ylisande / Iplehouse nYID
Pretty Boy: Nabarro Sumner / Fifth Motif (copper oriental)
Francis: Demiurge Dolls Eagle / Dollstown 18yr (fresh)
Volks Ruby (ebony) / Ringdoll RGM-4 hybrid (tan)

Ancient Koreans:
Seung-Hyuk: Demiurge Dolls Lel / Universedoll (NS yellow)
Jae-won: Edelweiss Sculpt Gagnon / Demiurge Dolls body (NS)

Modern Boys:
Fifth Motif Goohwa / Fifth Motif (pure copper oriental)
Fifth Motif Venitu / Fifth Motif (Pure Modern Grey)
Twigling Eloy / Fifth Motif (pure avatar blue)
Peakswoods Dlight / Peakswoods FOC (Grey)
Sheldon: Demiurge Dolls Hummer / Demiurge Dolls (NS)
Bluoxyde Ezra Miller head (NS pink)

Elfdoll Ruru (tan) / Volks SD16 body (ebony)
Fifth Motif Goohwa (Pure Avatar Blue) / Fifth Motif (Pure Avatar Blue)
Meeksdoll Murphy head (cookie) – WAITING
Demiurge Dolls Eagle (miscolorated) / Universedoll body (NS)
Fifth Motif Venitu / Fifth Motif (Honey Caramel Brown)

3 kommentarer:

  1. you too are doing doll changes I see! I need to change my entire doll universe too, since I sold some dolls
    I admire your collection, love how realistic some of the sculpts are, I enjoyed taking photos of SDs, but not so much keeping them, so I'll just watch what you do with yours :D

    1. Yeah, quite a few changes over the last year that I am trying to figure all out :D
      That sounds really interesting - I need to go find your blog and read all about it!
      Hehe, thanks :D SDs are great, but they take up soooo much room. That is the only thing I don't like about them.

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