Story Arcs

Most of my dolls fit into different universes. Here I will explain some of them.

Pirates of the Caribbean (working title):
This story takes place in the year of grace 1657 in the Caribbean, but might jump a bit in time. It evolves around:
Captain Morgan O'Malley (Twigling Ylisande hybrid) - a feared Lady Pirate
Captain Nathaniel Henry Milton (Iplehouse Rex) - from the English navy

Freaks-Land (working title):
This takes place in a more modern setting but in a fantasy world with magic. This story evolves around:
Hamlet "Zombie" Jones (Ringdoll Zombie Sol) - a happy zombie boy
Phryne "Scorpio" Ffoulkes (Elfdoll Vivien hybrid) - a pretty girl with a big problem
Jude "Voodoo" Effrayant (Fifth Motif Venitu) - a voodoo king who can do magic
Henry D'Arcy (Soom Bix hybrid) - a sad gentleman
Marina (Volks SD16 Ruby)
Marius (Volks SD16 Ruby head and Iplehouse Skull Crow head on Ringdoll RGM-4 body)
Alva (Iplehouse Soo head)
Branimir (FIfth Motif Goohwa)
Sparrow (Elfdoll Ruru hybrid)

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