søndag den 29. september 2013

Musings of a great mind on the concept of dolls (or how my dolls frustrate me)

Sometimes I wonder if I have to many dolls and if I should sell one or two. Currently I have:

* Tan SD16 body shared by Volks Ruby and Elfdoll Ruru
* NS SD16 body shared by Volks Garnet and Lorina
* NS SD16 body shared by Elfdoll Ruru and Custom House St Mina
* Yo-Tenshi Yuh
* Ringdoll Zombie Sol.

I think maybe what I don't like is that most of the dolls are still unfinished.
Ringdoll Zombie Sol is pretty close to being finished - maybe a little work on his wig and pants but generally he's finished.
Yo-Tenshi Yuh is finished also - she needs a headband but that's it.
Volks Ruby is finished but could use some weapons. Maybe also a new faceup.
The sisters are really frustrating. They are supposed to be steampunk girls but I can't find the right outfits and I'm close to giving up. Maybe they need a character change? I don't know.
Volks Garnet is a very weird doll for me. In many ways she reminds me of myself. And I've been thinking of using her as a mini version of me. Could be fun, right? And I do enjoy dressing up for Halloween so I could put her in pretty much anything.
Volks Lorina's character started as a hippie girl, but then the character changed into something more fairy-ish. I don't know about her character. Maybe I need to change her character?
The character for St Mina is an old one, but maybe she needs to be changed also.

I think my girls look to much alike. They are simply all "pretty girls" and that's not interesting enough for me. I need to do something to make them more interesting because right now I think to myself "do I really need other dolls than the zombie?" and that's just because the zombie is more special and interesting. I need to do something like this for my girls also.
Maybe I should try out my superhero idea for the sisters? A very modern Super(wo)man and Bat(wo)man. The idea has been in my head for a long time. What do you think?
So if I can get Garnet some clothes that look like mine, she's ready to be Mini-Me. I have the wig already but she needs new eyes I think.
Lorina and St Mina might be more interesting as Movie Heroes. I've got a huge passion for films - I'm a film geek! Maybe I need to bring it out via the girls.