søndag den 29. september 2013

Musings of a great mind on the concept of dolls (or how my dolls frustrate me)

Sometimes I wonder if I have to many dolls and if I should sell one or two. Currently I have:

* Tan SD16 body shared by Volks Ruby and Elfdoll Ruru
* NS SD16 body shared by Volks Garnet and Lorina
* NS SD16 body shared by Elfdoll Ruru and Custom House St Mina
* Yo-Tenshi Yuh
* Ringdoll Zombie Sol.

I think maybe what I don't like is that most of the dolls are still unfinished.
Ringdoll Zombie Sol is pretty close to being finished - maybe a little work on his wig and pants but generally he's finished.
Yo-Tenshi Yuh is finished also - she needs a headband but that's it.
Volks Ruby is finished but could use some weapons. Maybe also a new faceup.
The sisters are really frustrating. They are supposed to be steampunk girls but I can't find the right outfits and I'm close to giving up. Maybe they need a character change? I don't know.
Volks Garnet is a very weird doll for me. In many ways she reminds me of myself. And I've been thinking of using her as a mini version of me. Could be fun, right? And I do enjoy dressing up for Halloween so I could put her in pretty much anything.
Volks Lorina's character started as a hippie girl, but then the character changed into something more fairy-ish. I don't know about her character. Maybe I need to change her character?
The character for St Mina is an old one, but maybe she needs to be changed also.

I think my girls look to much alike. They are simply all "pretty girls" and that's not interesting enough for me. I need to do something to make them more interesting because right now I think to myself "do I really need other dolls than the zombie?" and that's just because the zombie is more special and interesting. I need to do something like this for my girls also.
Maybe I should try out my superhero idea for the sisters? A very modern Super(wo)man and Bat(wo)man. The idea has been in my head for a long time. What do you think?
So if I can get Garnet some clothes that look like mine, she's ready to be Mini-Me. I have the wig already but she needs new eyes I think.
Lorina and St Mina might be more interesting as Movie Heroes. I've got a huge passion for films - I'm a film geek! Maybe I need to bring it out via the girls.

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  1. I think your ideas sounds so great! Superwoman and batwoman would be so amazing!
    And a mini version of you would be very interesting!
    I hope you'll try your ideas, I can't wait to see the result. :)

    1. I'm going to try something before selling them at least :) Hopefully I can get them right and prefect for me :)

  2. I really enjoy the idea of movie heroes, especially with your passion for movies. Modernizing them and giving them your own twist makes it an even better idea to me - else they might seem a tad overdone, but it would be interesting to see you taking concepts that have been done before and turning them into something fresh and new!

    And a mini-me sounds pretty awesome, I sometimes want a doll like that, but I don't like myself enough...

    1. I consider every main character in a movie as a Movie Hero (I just realised that maybe not everyone thinks the same) so I'm not completely sure what kind of movie characters the girls might end up as. I feel Marilyn Monroe has been done too many times. Maybe Vivien Leigh (as Scarlet from Gone with the Wind) or maybe St Mina as Greta Garbo? Or maybe newer movie characters.

      Aw! I don't want a complete replica of myself as a doll because I don't like the way I look. But I like the idea of this doll and I being very similar.
      Garnet has been called masculine and ugly many times, so have I. When I was a child people always thought I was a boy. It's the main reason why I have long hair now - it's a giveaway sign that I am in fact a girl.

  3. Oooh, both the superhero and movie heroes ideas sound great. I hope you will figure something out for your girls! :) It's never fun being so unsure about your characters or dolls.

    1. Thanks! I hope so too! I want to keep all the girls but right now I just don't feel like it. Hopefully it'll change when I change the characters for the dolls.

  4. Why not do the sisters as some Jane Austen Characters or just as ladies of that age? They will then have a very destinct look and not be like everybody else ^^ And not nessesarily be über girly and frilly-lacy ladies.
    But superhero ladies sounds fun too. I know you have played with the idea before :D
    You could also create your own superheroes since you will probably need to have the clothes sewed especially for them anyway ;) just stating some possibilities. XD