torsdag den 31. oktober 2013

This is just crazy...

So I mentioned my super power awhile back and I guess it strikes again... This is just crazy now.

I have a Volks SD16 Ruby and a Tan Elfdoll Ruru head. They both share the SD16 body from Ruby so I made a WTB on DoA for a Volks SD16 Body from the Ruby release (I did this ONE week ago). I knew it was a long shot because Ruby is soooo rare and is practically never up for sale on DoA. I actually felt like I would never get that body because it just wouldn't happen. It's one of those things like I will never be president of America and I will never get a SD16 Ruby body for my Elfdoll Ruru head. 
Then I was offered a Ruby doll (almost fullset - only eyes missing) for almost the same price as I was willing to pay for the body. How is this even possible for me to end up with two Volks SD16 Rubys?? Come on! That's just crazy... I'm gonna take her body and use it for the Elfdoll Ruru head and keep the extra Ruby head safe in a box. But honestly - TWO RUBYS!!! What the he**? I'm so much in shock and not quite sure what just happened. I'm only posting this here so only you will know this. I had to share it with someone but I don't want to share it with many people. How did this happen?
So anyone need to borrow my super power? 

And just to point out. I'm now waiting for:
Volks YoSD Anne
Volks SD16 Ruby
and news about the lottery for the YoSD Kanon (imagine if I won her also - my super power might just do that).
After this I will have NO money for new dolls for a long, long time. But I will be a happy little BJD-owner.

I won the lottery for YoSD Kanon! OMG! I am actually waiting for 3 dolls right now. CRAZY!! I'm broke but happy :D

tirsdag den 29. oktober 2013

One little yo here and one little yo there...

I paid for the YoSD Anne doll so I'm currently waiting for a new doll! Yay!
I'm very excited to see her in real life. I've had a crush on that doll for years (simply because she's cute and shares my name) so I'm really excited to receive her - can't wait.

Did you see the Volks event? I kinda had a case of the loose-slippery-fingers-that-somehow-signed-me-in-and-enter-the-Lottery for YoSD Kanon. Ups? I will know in two days if I won her (or actually I should say "If I won the chance to buy her").
I'm actually surprised by myself that I only entered ONE of their lotteries. I didn't go for the SD16 girl or the SDGr girls. I have some willpower!


onsdag den 23. oktober 2013

Jane Austen and the army of YoSDs

My friend is selling her SDs to have only YoSDs, and I wanted more YoSDs myself so she kinda talked me into it (actually she just talked about YoSDs until I broke down and said "I want one, too!") so I made a WTB on DoA for Volks Megohime, Anne, and Lorina. My preferred is actually Megohime but I also really want Anne. Lorina would be nice to bring home if the price is right.
I have already an offer on an Anne. She's the old release (2005) but a fullset and the price is only $300 where the new Anne sells at $600 with only a wig. I'll take her if I can.
My YoSDs are part of my Jane Austen Army (Volks) and with only one YoSD it is hardly an impressive army. So Anne will also be part of my Army. Who should she be?

My Volks Yo-Tenshi Yuh is Anne Elliot (Persuasion) because she has that reserved look about her, and Anne Elliot is my favourite Jane Austen girl.

These are my tentative plans:
Anne as Catherine Morland.
Megohime as Emma Woodhouse.
Probably a Lillie for Elinor Dashwood.
Maybe Jun Tachibana for Elisabeth Bennet?
Maybe a four sisters for Marianne Dashwood? Marianne Dashwood is difficult, but I think a Four Sisters, as the more quiet Marianne Dashwood as she is in the end of the book, might work. Megohime might work as Marianne as she is in the beginning of the book, but who should then be Emma?
Please, let me know if you have an idea for a doll for either of the characters.

I really, really don't like Fanny Price or the story of Mansfield Park. So she will not be included in my Jane Austen Army.

søndag den 20. oktober 2013

One little doll is out the door

I've sold my St Mina head.

She's been in Copenhagen for over two months and I have not missed her. I have no character for her and though she is pretty, I have no use for her. One of my friends once said "If you ever sell her, tell me first!", so when I was contemplating selling her I told my friend. She wanted her, and I agreed to sell St Mina to her. I am not saddened by it in anyway, and I'm more interested in seeing her version of St Mina than seeing my own version come alive. And it makes me happy to know that St Mina will stay in Denmark so I can still see her from time to time.

And when one doll leaves I can bring in another, right? I really want a Iplehouse girl soon :)


søndag den 6. oktober 2013

I want a new doll, too!

Today I got the I-must-buy-a-new-doll cravings. I actually went to Iplehouse's page and put SID Lahela Light Brown in my cart. I really want her! But I can buy her now. Well, technically I can buy her but I shouldn't do it. I still have five unfinished dolls, so I shouldn't bring home other dolls.

But Akatsuki is waiting for a Iplehouse doll and I want to, too!

Lahela is my Hawaiian beauty. She's surfer and was in a shark attack when she was younger. She lost her arm. I call her "Nani" but it's the short form of her name.
I haven't done much to her develop her character because then I would want to bring her home even more! Haha