onsdag den 24. september 2014

The Zombie said...

Yesterday I had a discussion with Zombie. He let me know that though he liked being the only boy in the group of dolls he also felt alone in being creepy. So he told me to find him a friend. And not just any friend but a Ringdoll friend! I told him that I did not have money to buy him a new friend and that Ringdoll dolls weren't cheap. Also I didn't know what doll could be a good friend for him.

I ended up promising Zombie to look at creepy dolls. Dammit!
Do you know any good creepy dolls? Even if it's not Ringdoll.

mandag den 22. september 2014

Stories and stories 'bout pirates, princesses, and fantasy clothing... well, not really.

I'm thinking of doing my story about Sienna as a photo story like how Iplehouse do these stories about their limited dolls. I think it could be a fun way to tell the story. What do you think? It is worth the effort?

I've finally decided to sell my Volks SD16 Garnet. She's going to lille_aki (most of you know her) and she was sold on the condition that if lille_aki sells her again then I get to decide if I want her back or not.

Just a short update but an update nonetheless.