mandag den 24. november 2014

Captain Ylisande - Twigling Ylisande on Iplehouse nYID body (light brown)

I've decided to change Marina (more on that in a later post). So she's no longer going to be my pirate queen. Ylisande is going to take over as pirate captain because I still need to have a pirate!

The character is not fully developed yet. And she doesn't have a proper name yet, so far I just call her Captain / Cap'n.

This is Captain Ylisande. Faceup is default (and very lovely!) and eyes are from Volks (wig is from Eclipse21 and belongs to Sienna):
 This is the hybrid. I feel this body fits her head better, and the color match is very good!

This is her outfit. It's a match of Iplehouse, Volks, and Souldoll.

This is her new wig. It's an old Eclipse21 wig that my friend bought for her doll. Unfortunately her doll couldn't wear it, but one of my wigs fitted her doll perfectly so we switched wigs.

fredag den 21. november 2014

Small update

An update on my suff for sale:
I was able to sell two dolls and two outfits to one of my very good friends, a body and little clothes to another very good friend, a head to USA, two Volks outfits to England, and small items to Germany. I now feel more at peace with my dolls and items (I felt like I had to much and it stressed me).

Yesterday I went to the post office to ship the SDGr Tae head to USA. She's going to Hawaii. I'm so jealous! I wish I could just ship myself to Hawaii too and have a Holiday there!

Today I'm going to the post office to pick up my Iplehouse order. Can't wait to see the red dress and try it on Sienna. I've ordered some shoes for my Twigling Ylisande nYID hybrid too. I'm very excited to see them too. 

fredag den 14. november 2014

Sienna - Iplehouse nYID Bibiane PG

So I mentioned in my last blog that I wanted to change my dolls a bit.

Let's start with Sienna.
Sienna is still going to be Sienna, but since I no longer have Dalan (SDGr Tae is already sold), I've decided to make Sienna more of the Princess Sienna character that she starts out as.
So far I'm only missing the dress (ordered yesterday before it sold out) :D

This is Sienna:
She's an Iplehouse Bibiane nYID peach gold. Faceup by Shin. Eyes by GinaRolo

This is the wig that Sienna has now. The wig I ordered for her from Eclipse21 was just a tad too "dark blond" so I'm going for "platinum blond" instead:

And this!! This will be her new dress! I love it so much. I ordered the matching shoes too.
The dress might not be fantasy-princess but I don't care - I just need this dress!

tirsdag den 11. november 2014

Selling a few dolls

I've decided to sell a few dolls:
  • Elfdoll Ruru on a Volks SD16 body (NS)
  • Volks SDGr Tae fullset (NS)
Though I feel like I need to sell at least one more. I'm just not sure who.

These are the ones I'm keeping for now:
  • Elfdoll Ruru on Volks SD16 body (Tan)
  • Iplehouse Asa on Twigling body (light brown/tan)
  • Iplehouse nYID Bibiane (peach gold)
  • Ringdoll Zombie Sol (grey)
  • Volks SD16 Ruby (Ebony)
  • Volks YoTenshi Yuh (NS)
  • Twigling Ylisande on Iplehouse nYID body (tan/light brown)
And tomorrow I can pick up my Twigling Ingenieuse (tan) at the post office.

I've decided to update some of the characters for my dolls, so I'll update my blog later with the ideas.