søndag den 28. december 2014

2014: A year about dolls

So what was my plans for 2014 and how did I keep them?
I'd like to point out that I might have forgotten something important but this is how I remember the year...

I entered this year with these dolls:
Volks SD16 Ruby
Volks SD16 Garnet
Elfdoll Ruru NS head
Elfdoll Ruru Tan head
Volks Yo-Tenshi Yuh
Volks YoSD Kanon
Volks YoSD Anne
Ringdoll Zombie Sol

During the year I realized for sure that the Yo-size is too small for me. Anything smaller than SD is just too small. But for some very strange reason little Yuh is just perfect for me. So she survived another year here. She might be the doll who's been with me for the longest time now (since April 2011).
YoSD Kanon was sold to a good friend of mine.

In the beginning of the year I received the body for my Tan Elfdoll Ruru head.
I had found a Volks SD16 Ruby for sale and bought it to steal the body for Ruru to make a hybrid. When it arrived I discovered I liked the faceup on the new Ruby much more than I liked the faceup on my old Ruby. So in the end Ruru got the body from my old Ruby and new Ruby became my Marina.

I realized that NS is becoming a little too light for me so I sold two of my NS dolls: Garnet and Ruru (and SDGr Tae who was here only a few months). Most was sold to some of my friends.
Years ago I sold my first doll (a Dolkot Leaf WS) because white skin was getting too light for me. I've noticed my taste in dolls change ever so slightly and now NS is getting to light too.

In the beginning of the year I bought a Twigling Ingenieuse and she arrived in the autumn. She's pretty but I still haven't done anything with her. I hope to finish her in the new year. Or I might sell her if she ends up not working for me but I hope to give her a chance first.

I found a Twigling Ylisande doll and an Iplehouse nYID Asa. Both were the same light brow colour and I switched their bodies. I'm really excited about the Ylisande head on the nYID body. It's a nice hybrid. I might get her a EID body eventually but for now she's just great as my pirate queen.
Iplehouse Asa on the Twigling body is not my most favourite doll and honestly I might end up selling her in 2015 but let's see. I might just try and find Asa an Iplehouse body instead. I just don't really like the old Twigling body.

On new years eve last year I bought an Iplehouse Bibiane nYID PG doll. She's very great as my Princess Sienna character but I've been thinking about changing the head for a Doria head.
Not completely sure about the head exchange. I might just consider Doria for another character in the future instead.

This year saw the return of Peakswoods to my collection (I once had an MSD). But this year I got a grey skinned Dlight. When I saw the pictures of the doll I really like her. Within a few days I had a character in mind and I knew I had to try to get her and I was lucky to win the auction. It was a charity auction and I was very happy to participate.

I also had an Iplehouse Fantasy Doria head. I bought the head 2nd hand and after a few months sold it to a friend.
I also got Elfdoll Vivien and Hazy heads from Elfdoll's big sale. They were sold after a few months.
Also a Volks SD16 Ami Ayase was here for just a few months. The body was used as a hybrid and the head went to an other friend of mine.

So I'll end 2014 with:
Volks YoTenshi Yuh
Volks SD16 Ruby (+ extra Ruby head)
Elfdoll tan Ruru SD16 hybrid
Peakswoods Dlight
Ringdoll Zombie Sol
Iplehouse Bibiane
Iplehouse Asa Twigling hybrid
Twigling Ylisande nYID hybrid
Twigling Ingenieuse  

onsdag den 17. december 2014

What is a name?

Most of my dolls have names and I might refer to my dolls by their name or their sculpt. Some dolls even have surnames but mostly only have a first name.

It took me a long while to figure out Ylisande's name. She was my new pirate queen but she was not Marina. She needed her own powerful name. I decided to call her Morgan; Morgan O'Malley.
I now just call her Captain Morgan in my head.

These are my dolls and their names.
  1. Elfdoll Ruru (SD16 hybrid) : Sparrow
  2. Iplehouse Asa (Twigling hybrid) : Oya
  3. Iplehouse nYID Bibiane : Sienna
  4. Peakswoods Dlight : Elsa Maria
  5. Ringdoll Zombie Sol : Hamlet Jones
  6. Twigling Ingenieuse : ?
  7. Twigling Ylisande (nYID hybrid) : Morgan
  8. Volks SD16 Ruby : Marina
  9. Volks YoTenshi Yuh : Anne Elliot

The reasons behind the names:
  1. Sparrow is mostly an idea in my head. As a character she has evolved many times. Elfdoll Ruru has had the name for some time now and she is keeping it. I think it fits nicely with her new (and evolved) character too.
  2. I've finally named Iplehouse Asa. She got the name Oya after the goddess.She is the spirit of tornadoes and destruction but also just change in general. Until I have a Lahela I don't need Asa as my Hawaiian surfer and she's free to be someone else for awhile.
  3. Sienna is a character I dreamed about many, many years ago. For a long time she was just a face but lately I've seen her more clearly.
  4. Elsa Maria just came to me one day. I knew that was her name long before she arrived. When I first saw her picture on Peakswoods page I could clearly see Elsa Maria.
  5. I've always know his name was Hamlet Jones.  No questions.
  6. As you can see only Ingenieuse does not have a name. The character didn't fit with the doll so I'm not sure what to do with her now. She is still blank in her box.
  7. Ruby has had many names. It was actually my friend, Shin, who suggested Marina and it just fits her. Even if she is no longer a pirate queen.
  8. Little Yuh is my Jane Austen fandom brought alive. I love Persuasion by Jane Austen and Little Yuh is my child version of Anne Elliot.

søndag den 14. december 2014

Doll Wishlist Meme

I've been tagged to do this meme by two friends now... So I guess I better do it :P

1. How many dolls are on your wish list currently?
I don't actually know. I don't have a clear cut list. I know there are at least two...

2. How many Larger (65cm+) dolls are on your list?
Only one at the moment. I know I want a tan boy doll to be my voodoo king. I just don't know which boy: probably ending up getting a Ringdoll boy because I actually like their boys. I was considering a Dollshe boy but honestly I just like the Ringdoll boys more that the Dollshe boys. I'm just waiting for the right head or for owner pictures of Boyce to see if he might be the right one for me.
I'm starting to like the Iplehouse Bane pirate doll more and more but I'm afraid the EID is too big in the end.

3. What about 1/3 sized dolls?
I'd like to get an Iplehouse Lahela on the nYID body and in light brown for a Hawaiian character.
I'd also like to get an open eyed Peakswoods AB girl on the B-body in a tan.

4. And 1/4? 
None! I don't personally like that size. Tried it in the past but the dolls feels too small in my hands. I can totally understand why others enjoy this size but I know for sure it is not a size for me.

5. 1/6 and smaller?
None on the wishlist. I have one YoSD and I don't need any more. I actually like this size a lot but I think all my YoSDs end up looking the same so I don't think I need more than one. I like my dolls to look different but still look like "my dolls", you know?

6. What is your grail doll?
I don't think I have one anymore.
If I had to choose then probably a Volks SD16 Amelia in sunlight skin (though she does not actually exist) or maybe a sunlight-light tan Elfdoll Vivien SD16 hybrid (again does not exist and would not match at all) or maybe a Ringdoll creepy doll like Zombie (I check out Ringdoll's page often to see if they have made an amazing and creepy doll lately). All of these dolls are more like Dream Dolls and not so much Grail Dolls.

7. What is the most expensive doll on your wishlist?
Lahela is the most expensive because she is a CDS doll and because Iplehouse charge extra for tan skin. I think she's about $750 for the blank doll.

8. What about the most inexpensive doll?
The Ringdoll boy. He might be tan skin but Ringdoll don't charge extra for tan. I think he's about $550 for a blank doll.

9. Which doll do you most look forward to getting in the future?
The Ringdoll boy, I think. I have the character pretty much worked out in my mind and if I hadn't bought the Peakswoods girl now I probably would have gotten the boy now in their Christmas event.

10. Lastly, can you list all the dolls on your wish list?
The ones I'm sure about:
Iplehouse Lahela LB nYID.
Ringdoll Grown boy (maybe Boyce or Lucifer) in tan.

Tag some people to keep it moving!
The few dollie friends I have here are already tagged by others :)


tirsdag den 9. december 2014

Sparrow got herself a sword!

Some of you might know this; I've been looking for a sword for my Sparrow/Assassin (tan Elfdoll Ruru SD16 hybrid). I had one big rule: it should look like something that could have been from Final Fantasy - so a big fantasy sword.
It has not been an easy search but I finally found the right sword! It a 65cm version of Aestus Estus (from the Saber-universe). If you want to see it just google "Aestus Estus" (the red version).
I'm pretty excited about this sword and I can't wait to see it irl.