tirsdag den 9. december 2014

Sparrow got herself a sword!

Some of you might know this; I've been looking for a sword for my Sparrow/Assassin (tan Elfdoll Ruru SD16 hybrid). I had one big rule: it should look like something that could have been from Final Fantasy - so a big fantasy sword.
It has not been an easy search but I finally found the right sword! It a 65cm version of Aestus Estus (from the Saber-universe). If you want to see it just google "Aestus Estus" (the red version).
I'm pretty excited about this sword and I can't wait to see it irl.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That's so cool! :O
    I'm really looking forward to seeing it *__*
    I think Sparrow will look awesome with her black leatherish clothes and that huge red sword :D

    1. The seller just informed me that the sword has been sent! So excited to see it and try it next to Sparrow.
      Yes, I agree. The black leather-ish clothes and the big red sword just have to look amazing together.