onsdag den 17. december 2014

What is a name?

Most of my dolls have names and I might refer to my dolls by their name or their sculpt. Some dolls even have surnames but mostly only have a first name.

It took me a long while to figure out Ylisande's name. She was my new pirate queen but she was not Marina. She needed her own powerful name. I decided to call her Morgan; Morgan O'Malley.
I now just call her Captain Morgan in my head.

These are my dolls and their names.
  1. Elfdoll Ruru (SD16 hybrid) : Sparrow
  2. Iplehouse Asa (Twigling hybrid) : Oya
  3. Iplehouse nYID Bibiane : Sienna
  4. Peakswoods Dlight : Elsa Maria
  5. Ringdoll Zombie Sol : Hamlet Jones
  6. Twigling Ingenieuse : ?
  7. Twigling Ylisande (nYID hybrid) : Morgan
  8. Volks SD16 Ruby : Marina
  9. Volks YoTenshi Yuh : Anne Elliot

The reasons behind the names:
  1. Sparrow is mostly an idea in my head. As a character she has evolved many times. Elfdoll Ruru has had the name for some time now and she is keeping it. I think it fits nicely with her new (and evolved) character too.
  2. I've finally named Iplehouse Asa. She got the name Oya after the goddess.She is the spirit of tornadoes and destruction but also just change in general. Until I have a Lahela I don't need Asa as my Hawaiian surfer and she's free to be someone else for awhile.
  3. Sienna is a character I dreamed about many, many years ago. For a long time she was just a face but lately I've seen her more clearly.
  4. Elsa Maria just came to me one day. I knew that was her name long before she arrived. When I first saw her picture on Peakswoods page I could clearly see Elsa Maria.
  5. I've always know his name was Hamlet Jones.  No questions.
  6. As you can see only Ingenieuse does not have a name. The character didn't fit with the doll so I'm not sure what to do with her now. She is still blank in her box.
  7. Ruby has had many names. It was actually my friend, Shin, who suggested Marina and it just fits her. Even if she is no longer a pirate queen.
  8. Little Yuh is my Jane Austen fandom brought alive. I love Persuasion by Jane Austen and Little Yuh is my child version of Anne Elliot.

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  1. While reading this, I said "Oh that's right" to several of your dolls' names. :P I really should learn them!
    I'm in love with the name "Elsa Maria"! It's such a beautiful name. :3

    1. No problem! I often seem to forget their names too and I named them! :P
      Thank you! I really like it a lot too.