tirsdag den 3. februar 2015

Bye bye money! Hello Dollie :D

I spent a lot of money! I had to go into my savings to get the money... But I don't regret it.
I ordered two new dolls. Because I wanted them.

I talked to Fifth Motif and they told me their doll Venitu is limited. I had to buy him! I knew I wanted him in tan for my Voodoo king. So I bought him in the Honey Caramel Brown colour. It seems similar to Dollshe Pale Tan but unlike Pale Tan the HCB is sandable so his seems will look much better! He was so expensive! But I do not regret it.

Also I've ordered Ringdoll Norman Dark Side 2.0 in NS. One of my best friends from the hobby had already ordered him so I really had no need but I want to see their Grown ver. 4 body. And I want to see if it's hybridable with my Soom Dia. I wish to change the body of Dia and I really love Ringdoll bodies. Norman Dark Side is limited to 30 so I figured I could sell either his head or the whole doll if it's not a good match.
Or I could save him for later. Because I still have work to do on Dia and Venitu before I would do anything to Norman. Also I'm planning to get Jack the Ripper if he's the one to be released in Ringdoll's event.

On another note, I have finally decided to sell Twigling Ingenieuse. She's pretty but I was never satisfied with her. I'm hoping my lovely friend will buy her *wink wink Akatsuki*
I'm not selling her because I've so much money on guy dolls but simply because she's still blank and I have no idea about what to do with her. She's a very pretty doll and I really wish she fitted in but alas.

I've been thinking about placing my Asa hybrid for sale on DoA for one month. Simply to give someone the chance to claim the Twigling body with the pretty tattoos before I remove them. I feel so bad about cleaning the body when the tattoos are ooak. If no one claims her within the month I will clean her and make her 'mine'. I think that is a good idea and I wouldn't feel bad about removing the tattoos then.

søndag den 1. februar 2015

Iplehouse Bibiane and Asa

After careful consideration I've placed my Iplehouse Bibiane for sale on DoA. She's pretty but lately I've been thinking about getting a Doria or Aurora head for Sienna instead. So I figured I might as well sell her instead of having her packed in her box under my bed. Maybe also get her in real skin.

My Iplehouse Asa hybrid is one of those dolls I've never been sure about. She's pretty but I really don't know what to do with her. Should I sell her or should I keep her? I can't decide.
I've been thinking about removing her body tattoos. The sealant looks used and almost dusty in places. But truthfully I feel bad about removing it because it's so pretty and ooak.
Maybe she just needs a new faceup? I really can't make up my mind.