lørdag den 28. marts 2015

Nathaniel Henry Milton (Iplehouse Rex)

Most of you probably noticed I've received a new doll; Iplehouse EID Rex.
He was an auction on Iplehouse's site and therefore I got him shipped for about half price of what he should have cost.

Ever since Iplehouse started their Carved Haritage series I've been dreaming of pirate dolls but none of them were what I wanted... until Bane came. His outfit was so cool, and his face was amazing. Until I saw it blank. Bane's blank face was boring and I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted him. So I joined a split for his outfit and sword.

My favourite EID man is Rex. There's something about his lips that I love. I had been thinking of getting him in light brown but I wanted to wait until I've played more with Lille_Aki's EID Chase. Then Iplehouse made an auction for Rex and I was sold. I wanted him and I got him :)

I have settled on a name now, and I now some of his history. I will enjoy figuring out the rest including how he met and fell in love with Morgan O'Malley (considering her allegiance was to France and his was to the Kingdom of England)

Sir Nathaniel Henry Milton (born ca. 1625) is a Welsh privateer, pirate, and admiral of the Royal Navy, who made a name for himself in the Caribbean.


4 kommentarer:

  1. He both looks and sounds awesome!
    I really like his name too :)
    Looking forward to seeing more to him and Morgan together ;)

    1. Thanks :D I like his name too. hihi
      Me too! I'm excited to see how their story develops :D

  2. He is such a hunk! I'm super in love XD'
    I'm so glad you got him (so that I can visit you and drool over him) ehem, because you've wanted an IH guy like that for a long time - I remember you mentioning Rex even back when we lived together <3
    So happy to see you getting your wish fulfilled :D

    1. He really is! Haha :D
      Yes, me too! I've liked the shape of the EID body since Avi got hers, but Rex was the first face I really fell in love with. I'm so happy I was able to find this one! I can't believe I was ever in doubt about him :D Haha