torsdag den 26. november 2015

New photos of Henry D'Arcy [Soom Bix hybrid]

I can't believe Henry is almost finished!! :D He needs a new faceup but same style as this one, and he needs a new blushing of the claw arm.

In my last post I showed a picture of Henry with his normal arms, but he actually has the claw arm for most of his life. When the friends from my Freaks universe first meet Henry, they see him like this...




4 kommentarer:

  1. He is so awesome :D I love everything you've done to him!

    1. Thanks so much dear! It makes me happy that you like him :D I'm very happy about how he turned out and I'm happy my image of a gentleman was so easy to transform into Henry.

  2. Aw! I luv Henry *____*~<3
    He really is coming together very nicely! :D
    Also, love that sassy pose XD'

    1. And I'm sure Henry willove you when you meet him <3
      I just love that I was able to put him together so nicely so easily. His character took a while to be clear to me, but then it was fast! I looked around for the perfect suit to him and finally selected the suit from Sadol and with the Iplehouse cape I think he looks dashing <3
      Henry is a bit sassy but also sarcastic. I love him so much :D