torsdag den 31. december 2015

2016: a year all about school (and maybe dolls too)

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, it's time to look forward. I expect 2016 to be quite a busy and probably hectic year for me personally, so my plan is to not make too many doll plans :P

First I'm going to explain why I expect 2016 to be more busy that usual.
As some of you know the spring semester will be my final at my bachelor/under-graduate program. Then I plan to continue on a master/graduate program and right now my biggest wish is to study Omics (the study of proteins, DNA and so forth) at SDU (University of Southern Denmark). The thing that makes Omics special is that it is not taught at SDU, but at UCAS (University of the Chinese Academy of Science) in Beijing. This both excites me and scares me, but I really wish to go. If I do go I can look forward to living 1-2 years in Beijing.
It is not set in stone, but I'm excited about this, so it is likely to happen (if they accept me).

So moving half way around the world means I need to save money now. That is why I can't really afford to buy more dolls. Nor do I have the luxury of waiting for a new doll. I really hope the body I'm paying off in January will be my last doll purchase for the year.

This leads us to my "My doll plans for 2016":

* Get Marius home (I have the head and I'm paying the body off in January). I might need to modify the neck a little bit, but let's see what he gets here.
When Marius is home I need to work on both him and his sister, Marina, both their characters and their looks. Marina will get a completely new style and character. I know parts of their story and I will tell you about it later.
The picture does not represent their styles or characters:

* Get Popodoll Ramiel home. I expect him to ship in February. His character is not yet finished. I know his personality but I do not know his style yet. I do plan to have his human eye modified to be an open eye insted unless it's too difficult (I need to look inside his head first to judge)
I bought him blank in Tan and on the 70cm body. I'm pretty excited to see him:

* Get Twigling Kahlo home. As with Ramiel I expect her to ship in February, but I honestly don't know as Twigling often is behind on shipping. I know what character she was planned for in the Pirates universe, but I don't know how well she'll fit.
I got her in Vivid on the shortest possible body (about 62cm):

* Work on Sparrow. Her outfits needs to be modified to fit her body better. Her faceup is dirty and needs to be redone. I need to decide on a wig for her. I really do like these green ED eyes in her so she's probably gonna keep them.
Restinging and maybe sueding her. Her body is much worse that Marinas (both on the SD16 body, but Marina's body is recently restrung so she poses much better).

* If I have time and money I wish to work more on Voodoo. But I have decided that I can wait (if I have to) to finish him until after I come back from China. He already looks so much like the character that I am actually quite happy with him in his WIP state :D

*Simply Divine Medusa Valentina. I wish to get her a body, but I don't think it's possible this year. The cheapest body I'm looking at is about $600 (Dollstown 17 year old girl in pale tan)

* If I go to China, I'm not gonna bring any SD dolls. I plan on taking only a suitcase, and SD dolls simply take up too much room. I might just bring the little Fox girl (a gift from Avi) as luck.
So I need to decide if I want to sell some dolls or pack them to be stored at Avi's. I know, I can get Iplehouse Rex, Twigling Kahlo, and Simply Devine Medusa Valentina easily enough again if I do sell them, but I don't really want to see Nathaniel go (and he would be damn expensive to re-purchase from Iplehouse). The other two might end up being sold, but I might wish to keep them also :P


mandag den 28. december 2015

2015: a year of a lot of changes in dolls

In 2015 I decided to make the Freaks universe. I used to say that I only wanted one universe for my dolls, and in 2015 I was going to work on my pirates only.
That changed when I finally decided to buy my Voodoo king (only bought him then because Fifth Motif was going to discontinue him). I had planned the Freaks for next year or the year after, but now I can't imagine not having my lovely little Freaks already.

I started 2015 with these dolls (dolls in bold are still with me):
Volks YoTenshi Yuh
Volks SD16 Ruby
Elfdoll tan Ruru SD16 hybrid
Peakswoods Dlight
Ringdoll Zombie Sol
Iplehouse Bibiane
Iplehouse Asa Twigling hybrid
Twigling Ylisande nYID hybrid
Twigling Ingenieuse

New dolls in 2015:
Iplehouse EID Rex
Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca
Elfdoll Vivien hybrid
Fifth Motif Venitu
Soom Bix hybrid
Ringdoll Norman Dark Side 2.0 head
Simply Divine Medusa Valentina head
Volks SD16 Ruby head

And then I'm waiting for:
Popodoll Ramiel
Twigling Kahlo
Ringdoll RGM-4 body (for the Ruby head)

I don't like floating heads:
I'm either keeping the Ringdoll Norman Dark Side head or selling it to my friend, Avi. She mentioned that she would love to make two different characters with the same head, and if she wants to do that when she returns from New Zealand, then I'll let her buy the head. I don't actually need it right now, but I'm not going to sell it to others, as I believe I might want to make a Joker character later on.
The Simply Divine Medusa Valentina head is probably getting a body as soon as I can buy one, but it will probably depend on what I do for my Master Program in Uni. She is currently the lowest priority right now.
The last floating head is my Volks SD16 Ruby. I'm buying a body for him on layaway. I hope to have the body in late January.

tirsdag den 15. december 2015

One Ruby, two Rubies...

Making Ruby siblings; Marina and Marius
Deciding Marina should no longer be the Commodore I needed something else for her, and I decided on giving her a brother...
I have a Volks SD16 Ruby girl but I want a boy too. First, is getting one more Ruby head and then getting a Ringdoll RGM-4 body in tan to match.
First step was actually very easy; I decided on getting Ruby siblings a week ago, and when I went on DoA there was a Ruby head for sale. Nice and easy.
Second step was also easy; I knew I wanted a RGM-4 body in tan from this year because I knew that would match very well. So I looked on DoA and there was one. I asked to buy it on a layaway, and that was fine.
I'm surprised by how easy it was to find the head and body to make a Ruby boy. And I'm surprised it did not cost more ($700 total for head and body, which is a lot of money but it's less than I feared).
Here is a pretend picture, with Marina as both herself and her brother Marius. As Marius she is on a RGM-4 body in NS, but I know Ringdoll tan is a good match for Volks ebony. The height difference will be about 4cm, I assume.

torsdag den 10. december 2015

When a Sparrow flew out to Sea

I'm changing a few things in my universe. Marina will join the Freaks with her brother (yes, she's getting a brother!!), and Sparrow will no longer be Xiomara, but will take over Marina's character of Commodore in the English Navy.
I think, Commodore Sparrow sounds nice.

The Commodore character will stay the same except a little name change from Marina to Sparrow.
I don't think I've mentioned the Commodore that much here, so I'll tell you a little about her.
(I've tried to write the years for each battle whenever I mention them to keep it easier to follow. Right now there are only 3 important battles; the Civil War (1642-51), the First Dutch War (1652-1654) and the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660))

Ok, so the Commodore is Nathaniel's boss in the Navy. This is the most import aspect of her character because Nathaniel is the main character in the Pirate-universe.

I don't know if you know what/who a commodore in the navy is? I'll just explain a little about the Navy first.
A captain is the leader of one ship (a captain is the commanding officer on a ship) and the commodore is the leader of multiple ships; a squadron (a squadron could also be commanded by an admiral. It usually depends on the size and the importance of the squadron. A more important squadron/mission is lead by an admiral and not a commodore). And multiple squadrons make up a fleet.
So, imagine ten ships going out on a mission together. They might not have need of an admiral so a commodore is used instead. The commodore is a captain of one of the ships, but is also the leader of the entire operation. The one all the other captains need to answer to. Usually the commodore is the most senior captain, but Sparrow was not the most senior captain in the squadron, which is part of the reason many hated her because of her promotion. She proved herself to the captains in her squadron, however.

And now back to Commodore Sparrow:

She is a small lady, but she's tough, fights well, cleaver about strategies, and she's well respected. It wasn't always like that.

She joined the Navy when she was still very young (about 8 years old) and she pretended to be a boy. Because she was a child they didn't notice that she was a girl. She hid her gender very well, but during the Civil War (around 1650) she was wounded badly and the truth was discovered.
When she was discovered she had already proven herself to the admiral who was the leader of the squadron she was in then, and the Board of Admiralty decided to use her as a public figure and made her a commodore (they promoted her fast and instead of others, who deserved the promotion more).

Her abilities were questioned by all, but she proved her worth in the First Dutch War (1652-1654), before being sent to the West Indies in the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660). Nathaniel sails under her, and they are pretty friendly. All the captains who sail under her greatly respect her, because they all were with her in the First Dutch War where she proved herself to them.

In the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660) she'll prove herself to the entire nation, and she'll become a great hero, but that is in the future for her because the Pirates-story takes place during the Anglo-Spanish War.
Now Sparrow is eager to prove herself to all those who doubt her. Mostly captains in other squadrons and some higher ranking officers. She does not have to prove herself to the captains who sail under her, as she has already done that (during the First Dutch War in 1652-54).

Makes sense? I sometimes think the Pirates-universe is more difficult to follow than the Freaks-universe because of all the battles, ranks, nations, and places that are part of the story.


onsdag den 2. december 2015

Just a small update on the dollies

I was tagged to do this list on Instagram, so I wanted to post it here too. I've added a few more comments here.

My dolls:
•••• Jules (not present in the photo as she is on vacation): Lillycat Ellana in grey. She is my newest doll, and I haven't had time to do anything to her yet. She is the second fate (Elliot is the first, Jules the second, and 'Popodoll Ramiel' will be the third when he arrives).
From top to down and from left to right (a * indicates this is just a head):
•••• Voodoo: Fifth Motif Venitu in Honey Caramel Brown. Arrived in May. I have to heads for him; one is his voodoo-magic head and the other is his 'normal' head. He dates Scorpio. He is still a WIP!

•••• Joker*: Ringdoll Norman Dark Side 2.0 head in NS. I actually have no plan to work on him yet. It will wait a long time. WIP.

•••• Henry: Soom Bix hybrid on Ringdoll RGM-4 in NS. I changed his original body for the body Joker arrived with. I don't like the old Soom bodies, so I was happy to change Bix to this body.

•••• Scorpio: Elfdoll Vivien hybrid on Soom Vesuvia body. The head is heavily blushed to match. I've had many different versions of Elfdoll Vivien, but Scorpio is probably my favorite as all the things that frustrated me with the other Viviens has been taken care of here. She dates Voodoo.

•••• Snakey*: Simply Divine Medusa Valentina Head in Cinnamon Tan. She is a WIP. I hope to get her a Dollshe girl body in Pale Tan.

•••• Zombie: Ringdoll Zombie Sol in grey skin. He has been with my for years now. Zombie's sister is Elsa Maria. WIP as he has new hands that must be painted. I just made him a new wig so now I just need to paint his new fancy hands.

•••• Elliot: Volks YoTenshi Yuh in NS. The doll I have had for the longest time. She is my only non-SD doll. I've considered selling her before but I can't do it, and now I finally have a character for her that fits with my other dolls. She is the first Fate.

•••• Elsa Maria: Peakswoods open eye Dlight in grey skin. She is a one-off from Peakswoods from December last year. I just fell in love with her color when I saw it, and I knew I had to have her.

•••• Cyborg: Iplehouse Cyborg Bianca in peach gold. I think she's a very interesting doll. She is a WIP.
(Voodoo, Henry, Scorpio, Zombie, Snakey, and Cyborg are my Freaks. Also is this universe is Elliot as a the first Fate, Jules as the second Fate, and Elsa Maria as Zombie's sister. This universe is very open and I can always fit in a new doll/character)

•••• Sparrow / Xiomara: Elfdoll Ruru hybrid on Volks SD16 body in ebony. She is good friends with Alonso. Still a WIP. I've changed Sparrow's character a few times but now I'm happy with the character and I can start to 'make' her come alive.

•••• Alonso*: Granado Mads in bronze. Good friends with Sparrow. Enemies with Morgan, Marina, and Nathaniel. Also still a WIP. I hope to find a proper body for him soon.

•••• Morgan: Twigling Ylisande hybrid on Iplehouse nYID body in light brown. Dating Nathaniel. Ylisande has been a dream doll of mine for a long time, and finally I was able to have one myself.

•••• Marina: Volks SD16 Ruby in ebony. She's friends with Nathaniel. Also still a WIP. Ruby was the first Volks doll I really loved but it was very difficult to get one. Her charecter

•••• Nathaniel: Iplehouse Rex in real skin. He's one of the auction dolls from Iplehouse so he was pretty cheap to get. He's dating Morgan and good friends with Marina. Enemy of Alonso.
(Sparrow, Alonso, Morgan, Marina, and Nathaniel are in my Pirates-universe)

And currently I'm waiting for two dolls;
Twigling Khalo in vivid skin from the long preorder. She is part of a trade between my friend Lise and me. I plan to use her in the pirates universe.
Popodoll Ramiel in tan. I bough him from the agent on Ebay. Expected shipping is January/ February. He will be the third Fate in my Freaks universe.

Should I do a blog to explain who and what the Fates are? I can't decide if I should do it before I have Ramiel home.