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2016: a year all about school (and maybe dolls too)

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, it's time to look forward. I expect 2016 to be quite a busy and probably hectic year for me personally, so my plan is to not make too many doll plans :P

First I'm going to explain why I expect 2016 to be more busy that usual.
As some of you know the spring semester will be my final at my bachelor/under-graduate program. Then I plan to continue on a master/graduate program and right now my biggest wish is to study Omics (the study of proteins, DNA and so forth) at SDU (University of Southern Denmark). The thing that makes Omics special is that it is not taught at SDU, but at UCAS (University of the Chinese Academy of Science) in Beijing. This both excites me and scares me, but I really wish to go. If I do go I can look forward to living 1-2 years in Beijing.
It is not set in stone, but I'm excited about this, so it is likely to happen (if they accept me).

So moving half way around the world means I need to save money now. That is why I can't really afford to buy more dolls. Nor do I have the luxury of waiting for a new doll. I really hope the body I'm paying off in January will be my last doll purchase for the year.

This leads us to my "My doll plans for 2016":

* Get Marius home (I have the head and I'm paying the body off in January). I might need to modify the neck a little bit, but let's see what he gets here.
When Marius is home I need to work on both him and his sister, Marina, both their characters and their looks. Marina will get a completely new style and character. I know parts of their story and I will tell you about it later.
The picture does not represent their styles or characters:

* Get Popodoll Ramiel home. I expect him to ship in February. His character is not yet finished. I know his personality but I do not know his style yet. I do plan to have his human eye modified to be an open eye insted unless it's too difficult (I need to look inside his head first to judge)
I bought him blank in Tan and on the 70cm body. I'm pretty excited to see him:

* Get Twigling Kahlo home. As with Ramiel I expect her to ship in February, but I honestly don't know as Twigling often is behind on shipping. I know what character she was planned for in the Pirates universe, but I don't know how well she'll fit.
I got her in Vivid on the shortest possible body (about 62cm):

* Work on Sparrow. Her outfits needs to be modified to fit her body better. Her faceup is dirty and needs to be redone. I need to decide on a wig for her. I really do like these green ED eyes in her so she's probably gonna keep them.
Restinging and maybe sueding her. Her body is much worse that Marinas (both on the SD16 body, but Marina's body is recently restrung so she poses much better).

* If I have time and money I wish to work more on Voodoo. But I have decided that I can wait (if I have to) to finish him until after I come back from China. He already looks so much like the character that I am actually quite happy with him in his WIP state :D

*Simply Divine Medusa Valentina. I wish to get her a body, but I don't think it's possible this year. The cheapest body I'm looking at is about $600 (Dollstown 17 year old girl in pale tan)

* If I go to China, I'm not gonna bring any SD dolls. I plan on taking only a suitcase, and SD dolls simply take up too much room. I might just bring the little Fox girl (a gift from Avi) as luck.
So I need to decide if I want to sell some dolls or pack them to be stored at Avi's. I know, I can get Iplehouse Rex, Twigling Kahlo, and Simply Devine Medusa Valentina easily enough again if I do sell them, but I don't really want to see Nathaniel go (and he would be damn expensive to re-purchase from Iplehouse). The other two might end up being sold, but I might wish to keep them also :P


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  1. You have some interesting plans :) I hope your dream will come true, and you get to go to Beijing.

  2. That's great to hear! I hope you can come to China (then we should definitely have a doll meet or something, there's also beijing and shanghai doll parties!!!)

    Don't worry, shipping from Korea/Japan to China is way cheaper, so I'm sure you'll find some way to get a dolly or two around anyway! Besides, taobao is the greatest source for anything dolly related @o@

    1. I'm super excited to go, so now I just have to hope the school will admit me :D
      Yes, let's do that!

      Haha, you are right. I might just end up buying a doll or two while I'm there.
      And I assume the custom fees are either non-existent or at least much lower than here in Europe.

  3. If you are going to Beijing I'm definitely going to come visit you you know! ;^;/

    Really looking forward to follow your doll year as well :D I'm sure you won't be able to be BJD-'clean' for 1-2 years anyway ;P

    1. Yay! I Hope you'll come to visit :D Could be so cool and nice!

      Haha, probably not. I would probably need a dollie-fix while I'm there :D

    2. Yeah! And maybe we could go to one of those HUGE dolly-things there ;D

      I've btw tagged you: haha

  4. I hope you will be able to go to Beijing! It would be an awesome experience!! :D

    Your plans sounds so interesting! I'm especially excited about Marius and Marina. :3