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When a Sparrow flew out to Sea

I'm changing a few things in my universe. Marina will join the Freaks with her brother (yes, she's getting a brother!!), and Sparrow will no longer be Xiomara, but will take over Marina's character of Commodore in the English Navy.
I think, Commodore Sparrow sounds nice.

The Commodore character will stay the same except a little name change from Marina to Sparrow.
I don't think I've mentioned the Commodore that much here, so I'll tell you a little about her.
(I've tried to write the years for each battle whenever I mention them to keep it easier to follow. Right now there are only 3 important battles; the Civil War (1642-51), the First Dutch War (1652-1654) and the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660))

Ok, so the Commodore is Nathaniel's boss in the Navy. This is the most import aspect of her character because Nathaniel is the main character in the Pirate-universe.

I don't know if you know what/who a commodore in the navy is? I'll just explain a little about the Navy first.
A captain is the leader of one ship (a captain is the commanding officer on a ship) and the commodore is the leader of multiple ships; a squadron (a squadron could also be commanded by an admiral. It usually depends on the size and the importance of the squadron. A more important squadron/mission is lead by an admiral and not a commodore). And multiple squadrons make up a fleet.
So, imagine ten ships going out on a mission together. They might not have need of an admiral so a commodore is used instead. The commodore is a captain of one of the ships, but is also the leader of the entire operation. The one all the other captains need to answer to. Usually the commodore is the most senior captain, but Sparrow was not the most senior captain in the squadron, which is part of the reason many hated her because of her promotion. She proved herself to the captains in her squadron, however.

And now back to Commodore Sparrow:

She is a small lady, but she's tough, fights well, cleaver about strategies, and she's well respected. It wasn't always like that.

She joined the Navy when she was still very young (about 8 years old) and she pretended to be a boy. Because she was a child they didn't notice that she was a girl. She hid her gender very well, but during the Civil War (around 1650) she was wounded badly and the truth was discovered.
When she was discovered she had already proven herself to the admiral who was the leader of the squadron she was in then, and the Board of Admiralty decided to use her as a public figure and made her a commodore (they promoted her fast and instead of others, who deserved the promotion more).

Her abilities were questioned by all, but she proved her worth in the First Dutch War (1652-1654), before being sent to the West Indies in the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660). Nathaniel sails under her, and they are pretty friendly. All the captains who sail under her greatly respect her, because they all were with her in the First Dutch War where she proved herself to them.

In the Anglo-Spanish War (1654-1660) she'll prove herself to the entire nation, and she'll become a great hero, but that is in the future for her because the Pirates-story takes place during the Anglo-Spanish War.
Now Sparrow is eager to prove herself to all those who doubt her. Mostly captains in other squadrons and some higher ranking officers. She does not have to prove herself to the captains who sail under her, as she has already done that (during the First Dutch War in 1652-54).

Makes sense? I sometimes think the Pirates-universe is more difficult to follow than the Freaks-universe because of all the battles, ranks, nations, and places that are part of the story.


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  1. This project is super interesting! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your Ruby siblings :D

    Sparrow sounds so badass! Queen of the Marine XD
    I hope I get to read more about your Pirates-story someday. Its so interesting how you use actual facts and mix it with your own original characters *__*~<3

    To me it makes sense, but thank you for clarifying the rank thing - I've always wondered what the specific titles meant. Just never bothered looking it up on Google XD'

    1. Thank you :D I really hope the Ruby siblings will be great. I'm so excited for them.
      I think they'll be Marina and Marius.

      Yeah, she really is a badass character. In my head I keep calling her Marina because it was her character for so long >_< Hopefully I'll remember her new name soon.
      It's one of the things I really love about the Pirates-Universe. I really love history and I want to see my made-up characters behave like the cause of history has decided it.
      I had a cause for Google'ing it now, so I had to look it up, and I think I understand it now :D

    2. Yeah! And Marina and Marius work perfectly together as names for siblings *___* cuuuute!

      Haha yeah, I imagine its difficult to remember her having a new name and role ^^
      History is cool! And the dolls will always be a great motivator for learning and researching new stuff *__*

    3. I think so too. Now I just need to figure out how they fit into the Freaks Universe :D Once I know their characters I can figure out what style to give them.

      Yes!! But right now I have Sparrow dressed as the Commodore and Marina dressed as a boy, so I hope I'll soon be able to remember it.
      The extra Ruby head is on it way and should be here the day after tomorrow.
      I've contacted someone on DoA who's selling a Ringdoll RGM-4 body in tan to see if I can buy it on layaway. That would be nice :D

  2. Post some photos soon of your changes please!
    I love reading such extensive histories, you've done a lot of research! Yeah navy and army ranks and all that are a bit confusing but it's so interesting to read about x333

    1. Okay! I'll try and take some photos to show you :D
      I just love to keep my stories somewhat realistic, and for me that means a lot of research.
      Truly, it really is so confusing, but I think I got it now (thanks to some very good sites on Navy ranking).